Sunday, 20 October 2019

I am giving up !

As I can only write posts and am not able to leave  comments on other peoples blogs which is all due to Google, this is my last blog post and in a few days I will remove it entirely.

Saturday, 21 September 2019


The day started warm sunny and dry with a light breeze from the south west which did not bode well. We did however, make a visit to our nearest Garden Centre to select a new blue pot and some perennial plants - a selection of Pansies, yellow and some purplish one with faces, and a dark purple Salvia Amstad with a warm scent.

On returning home Mrs H had a light lunch with a half an hour to settle her digestion; all the while I was feeling quite anxious as a large grey cloud was gradually creeping towards us. My ears were picking up some faint yet distant rumblings, which could have been from a far off tractor, yet my mind was telling me otherwise. 

So I went out and started filling the new pots that we bought yesterday with two compost mixtures, namely John Innes No 2 loam compound and Erin multi compost with a unique reduced peat blend - whatever that means. Horticulture is not my mien and I will leave it to the experts to inform me.
Soon I was joined by Mrs H and her work began, replanting the bulbs she retrieved from the front garden before the new stones were laid. It will be interesting to see when the flowering season starts next year what the bulbs are! There are daffodils, snowdrops of two varieties, different coloured croci and some yellow flowers that look a bit like daffs and are perhaps Jonquils but which bulb is which?

Part of our Front Garden
From my iPhone

A few drops of sparse rain fell but we carried on with our tasks until a loud rumble was heard and larger spots fell, so we dived indoors. The rain stopped and we returned to carry on with our work under a dark, grey, threatening sky then a flash of lightening really did disturb us. We scurried indoors yet again this time to disconnect the computer.  Several years ago, under similar circumstances, we almost lost a Mac when an electric cable nearby was struck by lightening and the hard drive fried. The CD Player was a total write-off too, so these days we disconnect at source.

I'm hoping that we might get a dry spell tomorrow in order to finish the job. Perhaps I should consult the local weather witch for her help in this matter and that entails taking a bottle of gin with me for I understand she uses it by some method to work her magic.

Well that's all for now. So it only leaves me to wish you all A Joyful Autumnal Equinox.

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Sunday, 15 September 2019

BUSY, Busy, busy

I imagine, the title of this blog post may very well be quite intriguing to a few of you. You may imagine me relaxing in the sunshine with my pipe in the garden with an endless supply of beverages from the kitchen. No, nothing of the kind.

For several weeks I have been having pain in my left shoulder which travelled down my arm to my hand. After trying a hot water bottle, which eased the pain for a few hours. I eventually took myself to see the Doctor who convinced me that it was muscular and gave me a cream to rub on and a series of exercises; the cream brought relief, the exercises made the problem worse. With my right hand I felt around my bicep and located the discomfort to the tendons and certainly the pain in my elbow and hand was where the tendons connected to the joints.

I should have known better than visit Mrs Doctor, for about twenty years ago her partner Ms Doctor told me I had arthritis in my tendons to which I replied that arthritis only effects the inner parts of the joints. My knowledge was not well received at the time! Although over time we have become polite nodding acquaintances admiring the dry sense of humour that we both share.

The tendonitis: I decided to book myself in for some Acupuncture and while waiting for an appointment I self treated with Homeopathic remedies of Arnica Cream and Ruta 30 tabs, a couple twice a day and relief came my way. The acupuncture treatment secured for me an even greater relief and I am now totally back to normal with full movement. 

In other areas of my life I have picked up and returned to my brushes. 
Having obtained an easel and a plentiful supply of canvases on which to amuse myself I am painting in oils again in the back room.
Let me say this that in no-way am I in competition with Mrs H who has her studio at the bottom of the garden. Our styles, subjects and mediums are entirely different; she does though keep a gentle, watchful eye on me by making suggestions from time to time.

                                                          The Seer

We are also planning on having our front garden landscaped. The grass will be removed and stone chippings laid on which will be placed large plant pots filled with a selection of perennials to tempt the bees. Parts of the back garden will be similarly treated and Mrs H will have a path to her studio. 

Well that just about fulfils the title of Busy, Busy, busy.  
Thank you for visiting this blog and I invite you to please leave a comment! 

Thursday, 15 August 2019

A Present from an admirer!

Does this look new to you. It is my desk top all shiny clean with none of its usual clutter and garbage that I am generally ashamed to show - yes I can be a messy beast at times.

What else is on the desk is a wonderful new iMAC  21.5 inch screen and 4K Retina with lots of bits and pieces already installed, fortunately I am very conversant with most of them; having been a Mac person since 2004 so I have seen them grow in efficiency.
Am not merely saying this because I have a very dear friend who is employed by Apple in Cupertino and is a senior manager on their design team. For as lovely as Ms X is ! Apple produce wonderful pieces of equipment from computers to iPhones and beyond.
This week Mrs H decided that the time was right to treat her loyal and ever loving partner to a new iMAC and after discussing my needs with Apple Sales the selection was made.
Contact was established with a sales person on Tuesday night and the payment made. We had previously been told that delivery was only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So imagine our surprise when a message was received from DSL on Wednesday morning for our Eir Code number and that delivery would take place no later than 6pm.

I said oh it will probably be around 4 pm and at 4.15 the van drew up outside of our house with my magic box of tricks - Yippee we said to him after we had stopped cheering loudly!

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

A Point of View !

Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. The Taoiseach, that is. 
An increasing number of the voices you hear on the radio and read in the newspapers are saying the same thing. 
Brexit? It’s all Leo’s fault. And if it’s not his, it’s Simon’s.
I have to be honest and tell you I didn’t notice the moment when the Tánaiste upended the Taoiseach on live television.
Mind you, I hadn’t realised, until I read Eoghan Harris, that the backstop was designed by our Department of Foreign Affairs and implemented on instructions from Dublin by the entire European Union, bent to our will.
According to the front page of the same newspaper, a new opinion poll reveals that “Varadkar’s tactics fuel Brexit fears”. That’s surely proof, if proof you needed, that Brexit must be Leo’s fault.
Mind you, the figures in the poll don’t quite tell the story that we all think Leo is to blame. When people we asked how satisfied they were with the Taoiseach’s approach to Brexit, 43% of us said we were. 
Some 27% of us aren’t, 22% of us are neutral, and 8% of us have no opinion. In any man’s language, that means a significant majority of people who have an opinion on the matter support the Taoiseach’s approach.
That doesn’t mean he’s always going to be right, or that his view will prevail in the end. 
A moment may well come in the next few months when a new settlement becomes necessary to prevent the United Kingdom from leaving the European Union without agreement. 
Most people, I reckon, understand that’s the most catastrophic outcome possible.
And it may well be the case that as part of any new settlement, Ireland will have to offer some form of compromise.
But — and here I must respectfully disagree with the views expressed by my colleague Daniel McConnell in this paper last Saturday — until a compromise is visible, there must be no compromise. 
The Irish Government has not been guilty of gloating or triumphalism. It has not sought to rub Britain’s nose in the dirt, nor to manipulate European sentiment against the British. 
It has done what any Irish Government has to do in a crisis. It has sought to defend our interests, and in this case the interests of Northern Ireland.
Apart from anything else, one of the things the Taoiseach and Government have to bear in mind is that many of the same commentators who continually press for compromise will not applaud them, if and when they actually compromise. 
Some will say it should have happened much earlier, some will simply accuse the Government of selling out a vital national interest. That’s why this is one of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t moments.
And its not the first. Garret FitzGerald endured months of dog’s abuse after Margaret Thatcher’s “out, out, out” speech at a crucial moment in Anglo-Irish relations. 
Albert Reynolds went bald-headed at John Major when, at the last moment, the British made fundamental changes to the text of what was to become the Downing Street Declaration.
John Bruton had to summon all his nerve to cancel a summit with Major over changes they made in the text of the Joint Framework Documents, the forerunner to the Good Friday Agreement. 
The Irish delegation at the Stormont talks on the Good Friday Agreement had to hold its nerve when the deputy leader of Unionism at the time, John Taylor, said he wouldn’t touch the agreement with a 40-foot pole.
When you’re negotiating with the British government, the first rule is that you hold your nerve. Smile politely, roll out the tea and biscuits, and keep saying no. 
Sooner or later, a new idea emerges, and things that were impossible — unthinkable — yesterday become commonplace tomorrow.
It is of course possible that things may be different now. The UK has elected a new prime minister who is going to govern by the Trump playbook. Which is to say, he’s going to play to his base — the hard line Brexiteer base — for as long as he can.
And his real game, in all probability, is not Europe, but a general election. There will be months of bluster, leading to no new agreement. 
That will be followed by a proposal to the House of Commons that Britain leave without a deal — because Europe and the bloody-minded Irish have forced our hands. 
If the House of Commons disagrees, and all the precedents say they will — parliament will be dissolved and a general election will be under way.
In that election, the British people will be offered a pretty binary choice. Leave on our own terms. Stand up to Europe. Put the Irish back in their box. 
They’re the lines that will be crafted into campaign messages by the man Harris describes as Europe’s best spin doctor, Dominic Cummings. (Cummings was the alleged mastermind behind the Brexit campaign. He’s a man who uses illegally gotten data to manipulate fear and distrust into what he wants.) 
On the other side of that choice, as things stand, is a pretty simple message right now. Yes, we’re going to leave. But on negotiated terms. 
Protecting the things that need to be protected, like the rights of people, like decent standards in food and the environment, like the Good Friday Agreement.
The big issue right now is who is going to carry that message to the people with passion and conviction? Who can match Boris’s bluster and debating skill, assuming Boris debates? 
Sadly, the answer to that question right now is Jeremy Corbyn.
It's not an awe-inspiring prospect. I have no doubt whatever that one of the reasons Boris believes he can win an election is the incoherence of the opposition on this one central question.
But at the end of the day, Boris has proved that the only thing he’s really interested in is in winning. 
And he may win. Nobody can predict right now the outcome of a British general election, or even how a campaign might unfold. 
Boris is so unpredictable that we have no idea what aspect of his private or public life might emerge to do him in. 
We do know that behind the façade of political party unity, there are more than a few Tories who hate him with a passion.
So we have to watch and wait. The last thing we should do is roll over to have our tummy tickled. 
The history of Anglo-Irish relations tells us very clearly that if you’re playing cards with the British government, even while we’re the best friends in the world, you have to make sure that you supply the deck. 
That has always been the case — but never more so that now, when there is a complete chancer and life-long bluffer on the other side of the card table.


Saturday, 13 July 2019

The Talented One

A Good Woman

The title of this blog post could quite easily have been 'In Praise of a Good Woman' or 'Mrs H at Work' or various other themes in praise of my life partner.

It is not easy working one these mini diggers but here she is with a smile on her face enjoying every moment with such apparent ease.

We needed to remove a low dry sandstone wall. Which I had built about twenty or so years ago with the idea of making a rockery and waterfall - oh the plans of mice and men! Completion was put on the long finger, I ought to have known better. So we have now used the stone on a far better project, namely as base for our recycling bins.

What special talents do your partners have ?

Sunday, 7 July 2019

HELLO ! I Think - i am back.


Someone asked what is on my mind. I refused to answer because the inner dwelling had not yet formed into words or pictures. Only later am I able to say:-

My mind is full of beautiful positivity that continuously grows in four directions, until my whole being shall be totally filled. All in preparation for my journey. Which is mine alone, though sometimes it momentarily brushes against other minds and we share a connectivity before moving on.

©MRL 2019

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Special Announcement

There is a lot going on in my life at the moment and changes have to be made in what activities suit me best. Therefore I am taking a long break from blogging.