Sunday, 29 August 2010

Transformation Complete !

Finally the outward transformation of our home is complete.
Internally there are though a few jobs to still to do.
As per the redecorating the front room & the addition
of a new computer desk as the present one now
looks decidedly tatty.

A slight set back has occurred in our planning, all due to
my carelessness concerning a ladder, that I postioned wrongly
when leaving the attic in a hurry. The consequence being that
like Humpty Dumpty & Jack (as in Jack & Jill) My head has been
repaired with string (four stitches) and glue but no brown paper!
Mrs Heron has barred me from entering the loft until the wounds
are fully healed; unfortunately I am not good at being a patient :)
There are though other jobs that I can do without a ladder,
a letter box needs to be put on the wall & perhaps the addition
of a door bell or chime, a brass bell would be nice except
that I fear that it might ring in the winds.

Sitting on the window cill is our black cat named Magic,
he was capable of opening the old transom
windows to let himself out and in.
Well let's see if he can manage these new ones!

This now untidy area is our Suntrap, it faces due south
and is the one place that Mrs H can be found enjoying the sun in
the early mornings drinking a coffee and smoking the first ciggy of
the day, whilst still in her dressing gown.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Smoky Visions

The centre of the home in Ireland is the hearth, where traditionally
food was cooked and it's heat was a comfort to all on cold wet days.
It was on the hobs on either side of the fire, that the story teller sat
to relate the tales of old history to eager ears.

This particular hearth is at the home of a friend, we took pictures
and only when we downloaded them saw that what appears to be spirits
in amongst the smoke and strange faces on the brickwork.

Because of what we saw. This gave me the idea of sharing with you.
So be my guest and stare at the photo below to see what may be seen
and share it with us in your comments, become the story teller.

I suggest you click on the photo to enlarge for greater clarity.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Progress report

The scaffolding has all been removed. Before it went my good
lady insisted on climbing it, with shaking knees, to paint the
cottage ( all to do with her being an artist !)
The tub on the left is our water saver for when we have a rare, dry summer.

Can you identify this gadget ?
I'll not keep you guessing it is part of the innards of a washing machine.
I am going to use it as a mechanism to raise the access hatch in the meditation space
without having to climb the ladder to do so. All will be revealed on a later blog.

This is the easy access to the upper loft , the floor is actually
a lower loft in our bedroom.

The meditation space cum sleeping area.
The varnished boards were given to me some years ago,
I like the effect that they give to the west window wall, for it looks old
rather than new.
The insulation material between the rafters is eco-wool and is
made from recycled plastic bottles. It does the same job as that
awful yellow fibreglass that is so damaging to the health.
The square hatch will eventually be capable of being raised from
the floor below. First though I have to complete the panelling.

Despite the working conditions, we frequently take our coffee up
into this room, as we enjoy the energy/atmosphere that it contains.