Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Wandering Camera

I often wander about with my camera, taking odd photos of anything that catches my eye.
Today though I was required to show off the latest pendent. 

The pendent made from the tine of a Red Deer.

I chose an old 5p coin to sit as a cap on the top.

Afterwards I ambled into the back garden to discover three splendid white ladies and a dog.

The three ladies

I opened my eyes, and in surprise
Looked in wonderment
At all that the She-God has made.

So beautiful! 
Below the skies!

©MRL 6th April 1985

Our one and only Toby asleep in the sunshine at the door of Mrs H's studio.

He awakes on hearing my chuckle and out pops his tongue !

The noble Toby follows me in to the studio and settles down by the easel for more rest, 
for he is now and old man of 90 in dog years and enjoys his sleep.

So do you have any old pets ?

Monday, 23 April 2018

Hidden Creatures in Natural Forms

Sorry for not having posted up a blog for such a length of time, but I have been busy using my grey matter on the project below - well that's the excuse for my absence !

We were given some antlers a few weeks ago by a good friend and decided to do something with them, other than just hang them on a wall or above a doorway, as we had done previously.

So together we sat and studied their form, turning them this way and that, until our eyes and mind connected and we saw the hidden shapes.

This one Mrs H saw as a deer feeding or perhaps it is the fin of a whale?

This piece will be used as a pendant eventually.

Here is a branch of coral, a seal, a sea bird.

This tine became a necklace strung with moss agate, Connemara marble and aventurine.

Just one question. 

Do you see the shapes of other creatures hidden within natures' natural forms?

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Just Swanning Around

A short drive from home across a neighbouring county fetched us up into Co. Westmeath
and in particular to Lough Ennell

Where we were greeted by a whiteness of swans who were busily preening themselves.

The way in which this pair were acting towards each other strongly suggested that 
there would be some hanky-panky between them later !

Much the same with this pair too !

Later that night I just happened to be outside when I saw a red moon rising.
In the short time it took to reach my camera the redness had faded to a rich gold.

Then became banana coloured

and just before it disappeared behind some cloud the red began to return,

by which time I had become quite chilled so I returned to the fire that blazed in the stove.