Monday, 16 April 2012

Quality first and out with the old

Our favourite drink first thing in the morning and occasionally in the afternoon is coffee. I had the desire to move from the pre ground stuff to grinding the beans ourselves and this we have been doing sometime now, via an electric grinder. My next notion was to buy a hand coffee mill because we do sometimes have power failures at inopportune times and you know how frustrating that would be for a pair of coffee addicts.

What we found was that when using the slow hand mill that the flavour was greatly enhanced, I presume that the fast speed of the grinder destroyed the oils in the beans.

the redundant grinder

coffee mill

Using the slow hand mill has given us an aromatic meditative practice every morning and a slow awakening into the day ahead. Other than the advantage mentioned above there is also an economic gain and not just a minute saving on the cost of the electric, for we actually use less beans than we did before.

The wondrous beans go from this

to this

Our saving on beans plus the enhanced flavour is due to finely ground powder provided by the hand-mill.

The process is underway

Look coffee fit for

a hard working artist in her studio