Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Different Views

I really had to take a photo of the Heron hunting for food !

The poor quality of the photo above is because I was too lazy to use the tripod... 
and perhaps over fed.

LINANNE'S BAR at New Quay, Co. Clare.

This is my favourite Bar and Seafood Restaurant and so popular that the best time to visit to be sure of getting a table is in the winter on a weekday lunchtime.

Sea fresh lobsters stuffed with prawns are my favourite and if unavailable then I can recommend their seafood pie which is also delicious. 
Washed down fifteen minutes afterwards with a pint of Guinness!

The Russell Gallery - http://www.russellgallery.net

A truly amazing place to wander around and see a great variety of arts & crafts.

There a great many very attractive and skilful paintings there, a few of which I would have brought home had we the wall space. 

One in particular, entitled 'Not all who wander are lost' by Roland Byrne 
really caught my eye - follow this link and see for yourselves.

I love this old building which is so full of character and as well as the gallery it also has a small bistro that sells a wide range of organic wines with delicious dishes. 
Mine choice was their Antipasto which I did great justice to, not a crumb was left.
 I can also recommend their great coffee.

Reflecting on reflections.

Mrs H took this amazing photo of me looking out of the widow of our holiday home.

Here she is again beachcombing.

My good self with the amiable Toby.

I took dozens of photo's during our holiday and have lots tales about
our fun times too; so as they say watch this space for there is more to come !

Monday, 15 October 2018


I am off on my holidays and thus I shall not be blogging for awhile and may not even return as I am losing interest. Perhaps I will return and perhaps not.

Just so's you don't forget me

I have just had my beard re-sculpted by a Turkish Barber !