Sunday, 25 August 2013

A Return to the Kingdom

Last weekend we took a trip down to Cahersiveen in County Kerry to stay for a few days with a friend and while she worked and worked, we took photos and holidayed.

looking seawards from Mount Beentee

Cahersiveen looking inland

Behind the blue facade lies little France in Ireland. For here we breakfasted on delicious almond and raisin croissants served with such wonderful coffee; that I half believed that I was back in La France again!

On mentioning delicious food stuffs, we also visited an independent chocolatier trading as SKELLIGS. Mrs H said that it is the best chocolate she has ever tasted and I know that she is correct. So please visit

A beach between Waterville & Cahersiveen

A shoreline seascape typical of this area.

We cannot ignore visiting ancient wells
St Finnian's Well

Back to Mount Beentee a well named
The Well of the Fair Women
or in As Gaeilge
Tobar na mBan Fionn

Here the heavenly scents are shared!

You might like to visit Mrs H's blog and read her words on the same subject,
because I'm not feeling very wordy today :)

Monday, 12 August 2013

Lughnasadh 2013

Toby informed you all that I was a bit busy or at least he should have done ???

We had been asked by a film company if we would mind them making a documentary showing my druid grove celebrating Lughnasadh at a local site.

So am pleased to tell you that all went off terribly well and that I will post up a link when the film goes public.

In the meantime here are a few behind the scenes photo's of us having fun.

All photo's are the copyright of Colin Russell © August 2013

The centre piece of the circle

The Well Dressing

Druids relax while camera man sets up

Mrs H had just bonked me on the head with the wand because I had been a bit flirtatious with a red head!

Some of the group taking a well deserved rest in between shoots and that is not a pencil dangling from Mrs H's lips !

For research on Lugh and Lughnasadh please visit

Thursday, 8 August 2013


Hello! for those of you who don't know me I am Toby and my master has given this blog over to me for a few days while he busies himself elsewhere and I am fortunate in that I have engaged the pretty bitch from next door, Chérie, to work the keyboard for me.


I am not allowed to disclose to you what the old devil is up to.. however, I will give you a bone as to what is going on. 
He is having bouts of frustration at the moment as he struggles to remember his lines and keep the numbers of his fellows up,  to what he says, is the required number - 
whatever that is ? 

For I am only a dog and he doesn't explain much to me in any detail. The air yesterday went quite blue then dark purple with intermittent red flashes for most of the day, until about ten o'clock. Late last night though he became quite merry after a phone call, which I imagine was good news.
Today the sun is shining and all is calm at last. Time now for my mid day dog nap………

Just one important item before I sleep: it is believed by a lot of two foots that we dogs only see in black and white. Nothing could be further from the truth, for we can and have always been able to see colours!