Thursday, 8 August 2013


Hello! for those of you who don't know me I am Toby and my master has given this blog over to me for a few days while he busies himself elsewhere and I am fortunate in that I have engaged the pretty bitch from next door, Chérie, to work the keyboard for me.


I am not allowed to disclose to you what the old devil is up to.. however, I will give you a bone as to what is going on. 
He is having bouts of frustration at the moment as he struggles to remember his lines and keep the numbers of his fellows up,  to what he says, is the required number - 
whatever that is ? 

For I am only a dog and he doesn't explain much to me in any detail. The air yesterday went quite blue then dark purple with intermittent red flashes for most of the day, until about ten o'clock. Late last night though he became quite merry after a phone call, which I imagine was good news.
Today the sun is shining and all is calm at last. Time now for my mid day dog nap………

Just one important item before I sleep: it is believed by a lot of two foots that we dogs only see in black and white. Nothing could be further from the truth, for we can and have always been able to see colours!


  1. TRISTRAM said: aaah yes all is running straight & true - us old dogs and
    Toby too
    then a meaty bone for the 4 foots whose wisdom runs ever true
    your close by Cherie looks sweet and fun

    thanks for merry up date ....

    Slante' for the household two foots


  2. BIRGIT said: Hahaha , Mel that is funny! thank you for sharing and I an´t wait to hear what that merry phonecall was and what yu are up to.

  3. Dear Heron,
    that was my intro-line too: "Hahaha, Mel that's funny!" I love the picture of the dog at the key-board - and of course the author Toby, a promising talent in the fiel of mystery! I finally left my comfy seat on the balcony - though summer's dog days aren't over yet. Work to do, Toby - woof, woof. (barked in deep purple)

  4. Dear Toby, Sindy would sympathise no end. She lives with a constant question in her eyes! It's very nice to meet you though and I'm glad peace is restored and the air is no longer flashing blue and red! By the way, Cherie looks very sweet too and very clever!

  5. The plot thickens! Keep us informed Toby and Cherie!

  6. Well Toby I hope you'll be getting your banjo out and joining in with Cherie. Lucky to have such talented four and two footed pals

  7. Well Toby Dog what are they up to? Make sure you keep them in order in that lovely doggy voice of yours ;)
    Ollie sends big doggy cuddles & says good boy Toby! Xx

  8. Hi Tobs!..started on the pipe yet?

    1. Oh' yes I have on every night to help me sleep.


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