Saturday, 17 July 2010

At last a New Roof !

A new roof of slate, sits neatly above a breathable membrane
that will drain moisuture into a seamless gutter. I shall not miss the old drip
above the front door !

Four young men did all of this work, they worked constantly
throughout the day at a tremendous pace, with cheerfulness
and no unofficial teabreaks.

This was for me a moment of sadness, as the ugliness of the unloosened tin
took on a new shape to bring an end of almost a century of this small home
having a tin roof.

Here she is this ancient home stripped bare, showing
her old bones : and the skills of an earlier age.
Note the old hay used as an insulation.

Eight sacks of old hay were removed and it's dust fell
through minute cracks of the wooden ceiling boards to the floor below.

Now here's Luck ! For the chimney stack was cracked both sides
and no fire escaped to ignite old hay. Old Irish homes were limited
in design by British Law to one chimney and to small windows. The
vernacular builders divided the chimney to serve two rooms. It is thought
that the chimney was cracked came when previous owner removed the
sub division to put liners in the chimney about 40yrs ago.

Note the end wall showing the extent of the old roof
and of how much higher the new one is.

Nice clean new rafters forming a loft space over a rear flat roof.
An improvement in possible sleeping space for new travellers
over what was on offer years ago.

I have now plans in hand to utilize this extra space, for our joint hobbies.
Our small library will eventually make it's way up into the space where
there is full headroom and light.
Also by chance a telephone line passes through on it's way to the studio
and so gives the possibility of moving my corner office to the upper echelons.
Whatever - it will give space to create!