Thursday, 28 January 2010


A painting of Brigit by Jane Brideson

Some years ago I was invited by a magazine to write an article on Brigit/Imbolc and I groaned inwardly for the most that I have ever seen written about this festival was half a page in any of a number of books. According to Ronald Hutton, the first mention of Imbolc is contained in one of the early medieval, "Ulster cycle stories concerning the wooing of Emer by Cu Chulainn in this tale Emer refers to Imbolc, when the ewes are milked at spring's beginning".

The name Imbolc or an older name Oimlec may originally have meant "ewes or goats milk " and it is a time of quickening. Here and there new shoots can be found protruding from the earth along with snowdrops, natures' first hint that deep within the earth womb there is regeneration of new life.
Daylight is lengthening, though it can still be cold, and there may be flurries of snow, along with a hard frost. With the occasional sunny day at this time of year it brings us joy and the hope of a good summer.

In Ireland traditionally the 1st of February is known as the “first day of spring” and it is also the Goddess Brigit’s Day. These days however we celebrate Imbolc/Oimlec as one of the four fire festivals and pitch the date midway between Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox making the date Feb 3rd or 4th, according to movements of the Sun. This may be the closest we can get to the original date prior to the introduction of the Gregorian calendar.

The Goddess Brigit herself is hidden by the mists of time. In legend she is associated with poetry, healing, metal-working, learning and prophesy. She was also a goddess of battle as the patroness of the armies of Leinster. Brigit may have originally been a local goddess of that province as her cult centre was at Kildare.
The Goddess Brigit, possibly a daughter of The Dagda, is seen today as a fire goddess because of her association with metal-working and to some a goddess of the sun.
Historically she may have been a single goddess or a triple goddess, we do not know for certain, although we still associate her with inspiration, herb lore and healing.
The name Brigit derives from the Celtic word BRIG meaning 'high or exalted one' and it is probable that Brigit is a title rather than an actual name.

The Celtic cult of the Goddess Brigit, I feel, operated within the Druid pantheon. Her priestesses, as druids, may well have fulfilled all of the various roles including advisors, law makers, bards, healers etc. The cult of the goddess Brigid spread throughout the Celtic countries. In Germany she was Birgit, in Scotland Bride, in England Brigantu, and her name was borne by a tribe in that country, the Brigantes. She was also known as Brigandu and Brid. Her cult could be found in Brittany, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Spain and Wales.

When sifting through information regarding Brigit it is often difficult to separate the attributes of the goddess, from those of the saint of the same name.
The early christian chroniclers were as proficient as todays' spin doctors in exaggerating the qualities of their saints and incorporating the gifts of the goddess for use in their propaganda.

Imbolc Today
Imbolc today is celebrated in diverse ways, from the festival of Brigit at Kildare, organised by the Brigadine Sisters to the many pagan circles held across various countries in Europe.
In Cornwall on 31st January, followers of the goddess Bride celebrate with a torchlight procession to ancient wells and moorland springs where they place a circle of candles. A ritual is performed which consists of dressing the wells with ribbons and wild flowers, singing, blessing with water and giving thanks to their ancient goddess.
In Glastonbury, England, her followers assemble at Chalice Well and process through the town carrying Brigid's crosses and Bridie dolls to Bride's Mound at nearby Beckery. Here they perform a ceremony to honour the Goddess, sharing ewes milk and honeyed barley cakes as part of their Imbolc festival.

Here at our home I gather the Reeds in silence, keeping them hidden until the women arrive a day later to sit and make Brigit Cross's of which there are 5 or more designs. A few days afterwards we celebrate the arrival Brigit in ritual toasting her with Goats milk.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Monsanto - the new Gods ?

Monsanto - the new Gods ?

Take a look at the links below and consider the implications that will have effect on all of humanity, whether you are a veggie or a carnivore.

My question is by what right have this massive corporation to take total ownership of an animal or a plant that has like us been designed by nature ?

Do you realize that this an attempt to rule the world ?

Monsanto Patent for a Pig (Pt.1 of 5)
CLICK: More info . *(9/10/08 UPDATED NEW VIDEO LINKS below)* P1) Monsanto Patent for a Pig (Pt.1 of 5): Monsanto Patent for a Pig (Pt.2 of 5): ...


Just Say No 2 GMO
Please take the time to research what GMO's are doing to you and the environment. GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health Bees ...

Monday, 18 January 2010


Who or what can you see standing
on a stone plinth ?

Over the years I have had incidences of tools and other articles disappearing into thin air. The first time that I was actually conscious of this was when I was repairing a switch and there was a sudden brilliant flash and my screwdriver was gone from my hand ! I should add that the electrical power was turned off at the main fusebox at the time.

Another incidence was years later. I was dismantling an old cattle crush using a cold chisel, a lump hammer and a two spanners. I was called to the house for coffee, so before leaving I put all of the tools in my right hand and dropped them to the ground, my assumption being that they would remain roughly all together.

I had my drink at the backdoor with my three friends who were commenting on my progress. We were stood about 30 feet from where I had been working. When I returned the tools were not to be found. A thorough search by four of us revealed nothing, the tools were not found then and never ever found later.

My conclusion is that there are other planes of existence that overlap the earth plane consciousness [i.e. where we are] . Most commonly known is that of the Faerie, who to my mind are on the edge of our consciousness standing between us and Nature. Others may consider an Angelic plane but I have no experience of them.

I am though certain that there is far more to life than the mundane and that discovery of such or broadening of the conscious mind can be experienced by the regular practise of meditation. In that we start utilising the other areas of the brain and its frequencies. Beta being our normal state and changing to Alpha during meditation, may possibly awaken our perception & awareness when having returned to beta.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Snow and Ice

Old stone house, you stand as a sentinel small and warm, shielding ghosts of the future and, sheltering those from earlier times. Oft I do wonder what your walls, floors have recorded before and since electrification, the age of light and the age of dark. You hold your secrets close, as close as the faery tree that appears to be a post in one corner - that is to the uninitiated!

Ice Maiden your beauty gleamed as diadems on stems in crisp hedgerows, elsewhere on river bank from rock and frond, you are seen as dainty crystals, diamonds, contrasting with shadow to dance, glow and seduce a photographer to capture your shining beauty.

I am not sorry to see that a thaw has started. For cabin fever was almost upon us, restricted as we were by ice-snow compacted roads - that are now changing to deep dying dirty slush, that squelch, splash in spasms under tyres.

Enough, enough Snow Spirit you have had your fun and made your presence felt

and now thank goodness you will soon melt !

Saturday, 9 January 2010

A Photographic Model

A Photographer's Model !

Today is my birthday. I am 67 years young and the photo depicts me at my first job, even though I wasn't aware of that at the time :-)

Being no expert at guessing the age of a baby, I can only estimate that perhaps the photo was taken when 7 months old ? You my readers or at least some of you will have a greater knowledge or experience of babies and be able to tell me whether my estimate is right or wrong ?

There is an earlier photo of me lying on a settee next to a large china doll, it is in a leather case up in the loft, a place that I am loathe to visit during the cold weather.

The temperature in these parts has not climbed above - 4C for over three weeks and today it snowed. We received about an inch or 2.5cm which is now sitting nicely on top of compacted ice and minor dustings of previous snow.

Today I will not be driving as I am now on my second glass of pear flavoured brandy and clutched between the fingers of my left paw is large Havana cigar, a gift from my widely travelled daughter when she recently visited Cuba.

We text each other occasionally you know as family do, we are a small family the consequence being is that we are somewhat independent.

So during Helen & Marks' (her better half!) visit to Havana I received a text saying

'We are lost'. I replied 'Give me a few minutes to think' and later said 'Take three turns to the left, cross over the main road & look to your right'. They did this and were back at the place they started from, however it was just a simple deduction on my part.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Wanton destruction by VW

In foreground are trees which
are under threat by VW

I have today received a request from a friend in Germany concerning the destruction of a large forest,

are her words are below :-

In Braunschweig (Lower-Saxony, Germany) the planned destruction of

approx. 60,000 trees, even very old trees of 200 years threatens in the Querumer

forest because of a not compelling necessary lengthening of the runway

of the airport. The actual length is fully sufficient for the current

traffic load, on any other seldom occasions the nearby located airports

of Hannover or Magdeburg could be used.

I therefore appeal to VW and the DLR as the main airplane operator on

this airport: Please contribute your share of a reasonable balance of

interests between the residents, the nature as well as the climate on

the one hand and commercial advantages on the other hand. For the

realization of approx. 5 test flights per year under full load (DLR)

it´s possible to switch to the named airports. In addition, I’m of the

opinion, that a automobile manufacturer (VW), who takes on a

wolf-sponsorship or even topically launched an advertising campaign „I

am with pleasure in the Green – and also tomorrow I still want to be

able to say this!“, can only demonstrate credibility in the protection

of our nature, if he does not insist on felling a whole piece of

woodlands with 60.000 trees only to avoid some relatively slight

inconveniences for his managers.

The inhabitants in the region of Braunschweig needs their trees for

clean air, climate protection and as nearby recreational area. And also

the protection of our nature, in this case even of a doubly stated

European Protection Area with very old stock of trees, is important for

all of us.

So Please sign the petition and circulate your friends

Secondly send email to the following people who are responsible and are on the staff of VW and DLR (that is german aerospace center)and have planned this disaster


<[]> <[]> <[]> <[]> <[]> <[]> <[]> <[]> <[]>

Thank You

Further information as follows :-

The Volkswagen company wants to plant 40 hectares “energy forest” But in Emden, in Braunschweig they want to cut down 90 hectares of old trees clear - environmentalists are indignant.


soon forest threatens also in the Querumer Forst

the PR-managers of VOLKSWAGEN provide gladly for a green well-being feeling climate. Therefore they launch headlines like these: “Volkswagen work Emden plants trees for an energy forest”.

By using the biomass for heating the company wants to reduce the “CO2-Emissionen clearly”.

Not quite to fit another project the autofarmer wants: Volkswagen AG for a runway extension at the airport Braunschweig Wolfsburg shortly lets 90 hectares forest clear - thus their managers ca fly without

delay to Asia. The nature protection federation Germany (NABU) and several citizens' initiatives accuse double moral to the company.

Company spokeswoman Ines Roessler finds the set-off “genuinly unfair”: One does not have to do with the other nothing at all. “In Emden we” act, say them, for which runway extension is in

Braunschweig against it “alone the airport company responsibly” - by the VOLKSWAGEN 35, 6 per cent of the portions holds. The remainder the cities Braunschweig (42,6) and Wolfsburg hold (17,8)

as well as the circles GIF horn and Helmstedt (ever 2 per cent). There the bulk of the Volkswagen workers lives.

For the environmentalists goes it around surviving the Querumer forest, the largest forest area belonging to Braunschweig. The area covers 60,000 trees, a over 200 years old forest from oaks,

which is proven as FFH and European Union bird protection area.

For the operator company of the airport it concerns the future of the state of research place Braunschweig: The german aerospace center (DLR), plans experiments with an airbus 320. Without runway extension such research project from Braunschweig were withdrawn, maintain

pure hard Manlik, CDU councilman in Braunschweig and supervisory board chairmen of the airport company.( Comment of me research makes 2 % of the flights)

In the first area planning procedure 2003 of it was nothing about it. At that time of Braunschweig justified municipal authorities the airport development with “tourism” and “regular transport service”.

The terms “work traffic” and “research” emerged only 2007, in the second plan statement procedure, which abnickte the Land authority for road construction and traffic.

In the document it is to be also reread who from the runway extension really profits: Therefore the flying operation goes into Braunschweig to approximately 80 per cent

on the account from VOLKSWAGEN. Company spokeswoman according to Roessler are there only “17 per cent”.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Surprise Package

Ion Tape Express

I was awoken this morning by the sound of a vehicle stopping in the road near our home, not that's there anything new in that because it is a narrow road and it frequently happens when two vehicles coming in opposite directions need to pass.

On arising , I followed my normal pattern: 5 minutes in the chair to collect my thoughts and a puff of my pipe, next to rekindle the fire from its glowing embers, followed by making the coffee and giving Mrs H a shout telling her 'Coffee is on the table' after our chat the day starts with mrs H feeding the cats. We have two indoor cats Magic an all black nearly-Tom plus Squeak a stub tailed Ginger and 6 outdoor ones including two kittens who are semi-wild. Mrs H returned from feeding the outdoor bunch saying 'The postman has been' and walked in with a white package postmarked England addressed to me.

On opening I discovered that my wonderful daughter had sent me a marvelous gadget, which plays music tapes directly into itunes and as Mrs H & i have our own separate collections, we shall now be able to store them on our macs and even burn them onto CD's to save space.

So it gives me great pleasure to give Helen a public Thank You darling! For her warm generosity towards her Old Dad. If you scroll through the list of followers Helen is the lady on the second page in a large hat with a cerise braid on it's rim!

Tech stuff

TECH TOOLS: ION Tape Express

If you’re over the age of 30, chances are you have a lot of old tapes sitting that rarely get played. Favourite albums from when you were a teenager, old chart shows nabbed from the radio… irreplaceable stuff. Now you can convert them to digital with the Ion Tape Express.


The tape archiver uses USB to transfer your old music from outdated cassettes to MP3 files, so you can put them on your MP3 player or iPod, burn them to CD or store them on your PC. Mac

The included software coaxes you through the process of converting the files, so it’s (almost) idiot-proof. Wave goodbye to chewed tape forever.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Dawn of a New Decade


I well remember that 35 years or more ago, on extremely frosty mornings when the car refused to start, removing the spark plugs, heating them up on the gas stove and rapidly returning them. Then giving the engine full choke and swinging the starter handle and all of the torment that went with that. Now my vehicle has fuel injectors with an electronic ignition. One turn of the key and the engine starts.

It is Technology & the technologists that have brought so many changes to all of our lives and yet the wretched acts of war and mayhem still persist around the world, which leads me to believe that barbarianism is deep within in the psyche of most of us. No, we may not want to admit that, but the inner angst lives on. Sadly if all of technology were removed, most of us would revert back to the fight for survival of the fittest.

There are those amongst society who are have pacifist hearts, to whom violence is totally abhorrent - the Evolved Personality. Rarely will you find them holding high office or receiving media publicity. Mainly because it is the negative events & drama that people have been surreptitiously educated, to be attracted to throughout their lives. Here in this country twice a day the radio announces who has died & details of the funeral; never though is there a daily or weekly announcement of who has been born. Thus there is no balance in a society that focuses in a single direction.

Poets are found worldwide and it is 2010 so the time is right to enlighten, encourage and promulgate the message of Prosperity through Peace via poetry. To eradicate negative attitudes and actions. For we are one people whose roots originate in the Rift Valleys of Africa, born under the same moon, nourished by the same sun.

So I ask that

She moon with her energy, shine surge in subtle dreams.

As keen as a gulls cry, over tranquil waves of sleep,

bringing you the guiding symbols, images and inspiration

That will fill your needs !


let your rhythmic stanzas spread as seeds from the pomegranate

And flourish in all hearts.

© Mel Jan 2010