Monday, 18 January 2010


Who or what can you see standing
on a stone plinth ?

Over the years I have had incidences of tools and other articles disappearing into thin air. The first time that I was actually conscious of this was when I was repairing a switch and there was a sudden brilliant flash and my screwdriver was gone from my hand ! I should add that the electrical power was turned off at the main fusebox at the time.

Another incidence was years later. I was dismantling an old cattle crush using a cold chisel, a lump hammer and a two spanners. I was called to the house for coffee, so before leaving I put all of the tools in my right hand and dropped them to the ground, my assumption being that they would remain roughly all together.

I had my drink at the backdoor with my three friends who were commenting on my progress. We were stood about 30 feet from where I had been working. When I returned the tools were not to be found. A thorough search by four of us revealed nothing, the tools were not found then and never ever found later.

My conclusion is that there are other planes of existence that overlap the earth plane consciousness [i.e. where we are] . Most commonly known is that of the Faerie, who to my mind are on the edge of our consciousness standing between us and Nature. Others may consider an Angelic plane but I have no experience of them.

I am though certain that there is far more to life than the mundane and that discovery of such or broadening of the conscious mind can be experienced by the regular practise of meditation. In that we start utilising the other areas of the brain and its frequencies. Beta being our normal state and changing to Alpha during meditation, may possibly awaken our perception & awareness when having returned to beta.


  1. Yep - how could we possibly know and understand everything.

    Do the tools ever return?

  2. Hi! Yes, I too have experienced such things, but more often in the kitchen. I'll be looking for something and it will be absolutely nowhere to be seen. Eventually, in exasperation, I'll say "OK, come on guys, very funny, but give me a break", and I'll turn around and it will be right there on the bench (or in the next place I look, even though I've looked there several times already). In my experience, they like a joke, and when you admit they've got one over on you, it's the end of the joke. This has happened so many times, I've lost count :-)

  3. Hello Molly, No the tools mentioned above have never returned. Although I have experienced that which Willow speaks about.

    Hello Willow [R], Good of you to drop by and share your experiences, which as you say are a joke by the others! I have bookmarked your blog and will drop in awhile. x

  4. Its been our experience here at all the places we have lived in over the years, that they (I'm presuming Faeries) like Bright and Shiny Things.
    Sparklies are most sought after: earrings, rings, the occasional brooch, but most all, it seems Mr Bear's specs are especially PRIZED. I can't tell you how many times, he has laid them down on the kitchen table, gone to pick them up and they are not There. So this ensues a Spec Hunt and after saying (as a previous poster did)'OK, I know you are curious about them, but please put them where we can find them!' - voila, they usually turn up..odd places, like his computer desk in the office, or on his bedside table when we KNOW for a fact, he was wearing them in the kitchen at lunch as he reads his book there.
    So..Faeries like specs it seems!

  5. I see a pixie!

    My home is situated on a slope above an old graveyard and, with our limited ability to "see", it appears very quiet.
    I think not! It is very busy and I am never alone.
    My children stay with me every two weeks and I so love their company. I find it somewhat difficult when they spend the alternate fortnight with their father - even though we are only a ten-minute walk apart through town or along the lakeshore.

    I have been able to find solace in the company of the spirits who inhabit this place. I only moved to this location in July, and I felt so entirely at home as soon as I walked in to view the house.
    I knew this was where we belonged!

    I was welcomed and the "ghosts" look out for me.

  6. I share your awe about such mysteries and happenings and tend towards vague ideas about parallell universes and thin places. We do well to have an open mind.

  7. My thanks LN, Dale & liZZie whose collective comments I liken as a blessing from The Triple Goddess :-)

  8. Hi, thanks for visiting my garden. I have to agree that we lose items other than fish :-) often without ever finding them.

  9. Hi Heron,
    Here, in our yard, it's the racoons. They don't have those bandit masks for nothing.

    I do, however, find the faery explanation equally plausible.


  10. Bizarre, not to find any of the lost tools. With me, it will be the correct size paintbrush or crochet hook I need ( once leading to a purchase of another,then finding I had two , the same,) after giving up searching for said crochet hook, after a week.The original appeared in the centre of the room, on the carpet.This was a haunted house I lived in some years ago.There must be many dimensions, or something.

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  12. Thanks for dropping by on the blog too. It looks really peaceful, where you live. Apart from the odd object vanishing, of course

  13. I lurve being considered one third of a triple goddess! thank you soooo much


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