Saturday, 2 January 2010

Dawn of a New Decade


I well remember that 35 years or more ago, on extremely frosty mornings when the car refused to start, removing the spark plugs, heating them up on the gas stove and rapidly returning them. Then giving the engine full choke and swinging the starter handle and all of the torment that went with that. Now my vehicle has fuel injectors with an electronic ignition. One turn of the key and the engine starts.

It is Technology & the technologists that have brought so many changes to all of our lives and yet the wretched acts of war and mayhem still persist around the world, which leads me to believe that barbarianism is deep within in the psyche of most of us. No, we may not want to admit that, but the inner angst lives on. Sadly if all of technology were removed, most of us would revert back to the fight for survival of the fittest.

There are those amongst society who are have pacifist hearts, to whom violence is totally abhorrent - the Evolved Personality. Rarely will you find them holding high office or receiving media publicity. Mainly because it is the negative events & drama that people have been surreptitiously educated, to be attracted to throughout their lives. Here in this country twice a day the radio announces who has died & details of the funeral; never though is there a daily or weekly announcement of who has been born. Thus there is no balance in a society that focuses in a single direction.

Poets are found worldwide and it is 2010 so the time is right to enlighten, encourage and promulgate the message of Prosperity through Peace via poetry. To eradicate negative attitudes and actions. For we are one people whose roots originate in the Rift Valleys of Africa, born under the same moon, nourished by the same sun.

So I ask that

She moon with her energy, shine surge in subtle dreams.

As keen as a gulls cry, over tranquil waves of sleep,

bringing you the guiding symbols, images and inspiration

That will fill your needs !


let your rhythmic stanzas spread as seeds from the pomegranate

And flourish in all hearts.

© Mel Jan 2010


  1. Herein is the conundrum of technology - it has been developed for our benefit, yet we are now being told not to use it.
    Electricity - don't use it because we have to conserve...
    Mobile Phones - don't use them because they cause cancer and may also cause traffic accidents if being used while driving...
    Vehicles - don't use them because they pollute the air...
    Maybe that is the balance there. I have often wondered, if we did lose all the technology, maybe the world would be a better place... the balance returned.

    I seek peace within and without. I have never been attracted to power, nor have I sought high position. Interestigly it has been a source of puzzlement by those close to me, they having been university educated.

    Your poem is beautiful and encouraging - one that I will take with me!

    And, as far as fuel injection goes, I still need to plug in the block heater when the temperature drops below minus twenty!

  2. A week is a long time to a technologist, as a day for a politician who seem to pander to pressures rather than solve the problems-hence use of electricity.. having a block heater is lot easier than juggling bare handed with 4 hot plugs! :) Education recieved from the University of Life is often coupled with practical application, that may be the difference between "those who are close to you" ??
    Well Happy New Year Dale.

  3. I think of technology of being value neutral- it is really what you make of it. Having decided sometime yesterday after the 2nd piece of leftover NYE cheesecake that 2010 is a good time to reclaim the physical health my torn shoulder compromised, I am happily turning to the computer for a food and exercise log to help me reach my goals, and also using the Wii system to develop a stretching, yoga, and strengthening routine to help me get beyond this injury. I do wish more people would use technology for beneficial things, and perhaps they do and it is human nature not to report happy things. There is a certain truth to the human dark heart wanting to hear about the misery of others, though personally I have a hard time understanding why some people need to be propped up by shooting others down.

    I loved reading your poem and would add that I hope the sentiments catch on. All the best to you in 2010!


  4. Thank you for your feed back and comments Anne-Marie.
    Sorry to read about your shoulder, have you considered Homeopathic remedies and the Pilates exercises as an alternative to Yoga ?
    Be well and enjoy all

  5. Heron,
    Sadly I am in full agreement again. I see it as a mass unconsciousness - Carl Jung - what a fellar! However, I also see a lot of peaceful potential in the confident, beautiful (I mean on the inside)'together' young people that have their heads screwed with a better understanding (and consciousness) than I could have had at their age. It might be moving in the right direction...but I agree power has been abused.

    We might make it.

  6. Thank you for your input Molly! Well you are definitely in the right proffession to make those assessments, which are heartening to read.
    Have fun and enjoy.

  7. I see both Dale and Anne Marie have reached here before me..such is the power of technology. Friends I have made by blogging have become friends of yours by blogging and technology has facilitated our contact and understanding.It is such a wonderful thing, but I agree with you that civilisation is a very thin veneer supplied by technology in this case.

    I am with Dale when it comes to power and fighting for it. I have often wondered, though, what I would do if my nearest and dearest were threatened directly. I cannot even think of or justify any form of violence perpetrated against a fellow human being, but I don't discount the possibility that I would defend my nearest and dearest fiercely if it came to it. That is an instinct deeper than any education can remove.

    Your poem is beautiful. Lovely words to remember in precious moments.

  8. PS The photo is lovely too!

  9. Dear VallyP it is a pleasure to read your comments thank you. Technology is wonderful (Am using an iMac - grin!). I was up and out in a heavy frost -8 this morning to take the pic and the colours in the sky took me into another realm, h'm we have spoke of that place before.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  10. Enjoyed the melodious picture poem. Glad that you and your readers are articulating some of the things I value as in my real life I don't come across many who do. ;-( I've read a lot about IQ and emotional and spiritual intelligence, as evolving qualities of humans, and I agree there aren't many exponents with prominance - I think one stands out though, and that's Satish Kumar, and also John O'Donohue.

  11. Great blog, just found . Will be back to read more, best wishes for the New Year.

  12. Thank you for your insight & comment liZZie. i think that to indicate that there is alternative attitude of being, is sufficient to sow the seeds of change & activate conscious behaviour (i hope) - plus recognising that we have a long road to travel.

    Welcome to you Fizzycat & a Happy New Year to you

  13. Noble demand, dear Heron :)
    may the real world hears your plea and makes it come true :)

    With very best wishes for 2010.


  14. Technological advancement is part of human development and it is how it is used that will define how civilised we are (or not). Medical and domestic technology allows some of us to be here today and can benefit humankind if it is treated as a servant and not as our master. Love the poem showing what beauty there is in a world that still allows execution as a form of deterent. Murder is murder no matter how it is dressed up in the clothes of respectability, be it of a single person or a whole country as is the case when some countries have oil and even when they do not and we turn a blind eye to their governments attrocities. We are now allowing regular use of Shannon for USA aircraft of a military nature, what of neutrality?. Blog is great by the way.



  15. Dear Nat Hall, Thank you for your support :)

    T. of Lockefamily: Good to see you participating here.

    Warmth and happiness you both :-)

  16. Heron, by mentioning "those close to me" I was making an attempt at being discrete - I meant my family.
    Sometimes I feel I have not lived up to their expectations, or, more precisely, the expectations I have as a result.

    It is a difficult thing, to break the mould.


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