Tuesday, 29 December 2009



This mornings' news of the execution of Akmal Shaikh by the Chinese Authorities was barbaric, unwarranted and a breach of human rights. It was an act of Murder as is the killing of any human being by another, whether that be via a judicial authority or an act of war or in whatever manner.

There is no excuse for Murder.

No country, no matter how small or large, poor or rich, can claim exoneration for Murder. There are no excuses regardless of reasons for the taking of life.

Thus it is that I offer my poor condolences to those families throughout the world who mourn the loss of their loved ones.


  1. At least the UK PM and FO did exert themselves on this mans behalf and I think that's evidence that lobbying our government does make a difference, certainly through organisations like Amnesty anyway, and that we have a government that does respond at present. I hope they will continue to try and have his remains returned to his family.

  2. I am in full agreement...(my blog about the death penalty states my opinion). It's strange because another blog I followed had someone state the execution was justified because of the injustices and evils the British imposed on China during the opium wars. That kind of mentality and inability to move on causes so much unnecessary conflict. Letting go, showing compassion, forgiveness and understanding that everyone's path is different and some, unfortunately flounder more than others... is a beautiful thing to be able to do - isn't it?

  3. My sentiments exactly!
    Straight and to the point.
    And we think we are now beyond barbarianism...

  4. I could not say anything better than what John Donne has written:
    .."any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind
    and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee."

  5. I agree with all the sentiments here and with your post. I especially like Lady North's quote from John Donne. It reminds me of the beginning of that very quotation "no man is an island". We are all involved, but those who perpetrated the murder will reap the consequences one way or another.


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