Saturday, 5 December 2009

Sensing clouds !

I am late in updating this blog due to prevailing conditions and unrelenting precipitation.

With weather such as we have been receiving of late, torrents of rainy nights and days interlaced with frost. The sensation of having cold feet seems to be the norm it reaches beyond the cold toes and into the mind, as a sense of glumness, although fortunate and dry in our ancient hilltop home, for the extreme wetness soaks through the gravelled earth, to drain into our local river.

Still a large glass of Port at night somewhat alleviates the gloom, warming the cockles of the heart and bringing to mind memories of past summers.

The photo above, is of one of those summers where a good friend of ours cleverly stuck out her paw and seemingly sensed the clouds. Well actually she was sensing the earth energy on a mound to be truthful however it does make a novel photo.

My Summer

I like to see Rabbits

in the field scampering

And going about their habits.

I like to see the Barn Owl

swooping through the air

A low, slow cream soul.

I like to see the cricket

being played on the green

All in white and all alike.

I like to see the swifts winging

on summer days at dusk

And hear Blackbirds singing

I like to see the mists

rise up from the rheen

To gently surround the trees

I like to see a sunset flood

blue heavens tinted pink

Atop a hill and silhouette a wood.

I like to sit and dream

on dark winter nights

of summers gone

and of those yet to come.

ML 1984


  1. Yes, I dream too, like the poem. If you're interested I have tagged you in latest blog post. Exmoor is drenched. I am drenched daily. The brook is being swelled by the hour. Sandbags are to hand.

  2. Hello Lizzie thank you for the tag.
    Sorry to read about the sandbags hope that the situation corrects its self.
    At height of the floods over here 1700 people were evacuated from their homes and it will be months before their homes are fit to live in again.

  3. God bless you to be safe! The poem lifts us away to nicer times. I invite you to read the Godamongus blog. Your comments are welcomed.

  4. Interesting and different. I have tagged you tomorrow. Ignore it if you want. i will be back.

  5. Lovely image and poem too. So sorry for all those who were flooded. Nature is both wonderful and harsh by turns.


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