Sunday, 24 June 2018


On our last day out we came home by a circuitous route that took us very close to the Burren
National Park. We did this because I thought I had seen a neolithic feature on my iPhone which turned out not to be one, however,  I really did see a stone man looking at me over the hedge.

Can you see his face  ?

As you are probably aware I have not posted for awhile and the reason is that Mrs H with a slight bit of help from me has been very busy preparing for her new exhibition. She has been doing all the behind the scenes work that artists have to do with their work, visits to the framers, selecting the right frame colour and style for each painting, besides having them all photographed and then resizing the images for our printer to make the art cards.

Additional cords

On the table is one of the finished paintings that we have brought back from the framers and you can see his cord stretching across the back which will be used by the new owner. 
For exhibition purposes I have to put an additional hanging cord on to allow the viewers eye to see the detail of the paintings.

A stash of completely finished works with their exhibition cords added.

The poster advertising Mrs H's Exhibition