Friday, 27 November 2009


This posting is in response to a request from Tex who asked to see the murals,on my cottage walls. Alas the numbers have been reduced to just two, both of them by the muralist Kit Wray and a few cartoons that I produced.

You might ask why I painted them in the first place: it was an indulgence that I gave to my inner child, the one who remembers being told off for drawing on his mother's wall paper! The other reason is that they represented the freedom to do whatever I wished in regard to decorating my new home by quietly saying fiddle sticks to convention !

For a few years I gave others the freedom to freely express themselves on the walls of my home, one young fraulien painted a pink elephant and a fire breathing dragon on the entrance walls to one of the driveways. Tex did a painting of a buxom wench spinning wool, a former partner did a nude self portrait and lots of folk expressed themselves their own style.

Wear, tear and redecorating accidents succeeded in reducing the numbers down to those displayed here. Enjoy !

Psss'st you will have to scroll down to the bottom to see them all as gremlins are at work and I was unable to place them exactly !

The faces I found in the relief of the walls


  1. I hope I will be able to leave this comment tonight. I love your murals. Love the personal expressions. Love the colours and images. I want to paint my boat in such a way, but sadly the harbour rules don't permit...time to move on, I think!

  2. Thank you for your appreciation VallyP, am sorry to to read about the restrictive harbour rules.

    Because traditionally boats/ships had some sort of decoration on the, thinking of the figureheads on sailing ships and the folk style/trade decorations on canal barges of my childhood.

  3. Wow! Fiddle sticks, I'm all for them. I think the one of the duck is my favourite. The stories they could tell I expect?

  4. Lizzie,

    I think perhaps it is just as well that the Duck cannot speak :-)


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