Saturday, 21 November 2009

Atmosphere and Character

To say that this cottage is haunted, is too strong a word, better to say that it has a presence or to be more accurate presences, atmosphere and character. The latter words would be from a House Agent perhaps.

The previous owner recommended, once the legal papers were signed, that it would be "In your own interest to get a Mass said in the cottage". I didn't of course, that sort of thing is not in my nature and in any case I was already installed along with my bits and bobs by then.

I knew about the bedroom door that juddered at 2.30 in the morning telling me that it was time to go to bed and of the sounds that came from the furniture when I was in bed. The 'flump' sound of the seat cushion as a heavy person sat down and then the creak of the chair back as they leant backwards. The only puzzle to me was that the furniture didn't make those noises when I or another sat down; I should explain the easy chairs of those days were left here by the previous owner.

For most of my life previous to moving here, I had lived in houses with unseen visitors. In fact my Mother moved into brand new bungalow with one particular noise. It was the sound that a hard covered book makes when it falls flat onto carpet and this noise was always heard during the day time in her hall. When I first heard it and moved to see what had arrived, thinking that it was a package delivered by the postman, my Mother said 'Take no notice'.

Unfortunately she wasn't the sort of person that you could question on that subject. I often thought that by taking notice of something odd, that perhaps she thought it would give it energy, I don't know.

The unseen visitors come and go, I take no notice. Other than when they come really close and I feel the chill of them as they pass over me. Mostly it is when we have company and the yarns are going back and forth, that this type of visitor arrives, perhaps to enjoy the craic - who knows?

The only visitors that have been removed from the cottage were two horses and that was because of their smell. A psychic from England came over and gave me a hand to do that.

Another, the pipe smoking gentleman, hasn't been around for a long time and I think he may have moved on of his own accord.

That still leaves three females: an old granny, a mother and her young daughter. They seem to be the resident guardians of this place.

Other happenings are the sound of the front door opening and closing, the rattle of latches on the internal doors, the noise of a picture falling off the wall, a sudden bolt of white light passing across the front room,

and the fuzzy apparition of a slim woman standing by the front door.

There have been times when people have asked me to clear their unwanted, unseen visitors from their homes or work places. This I will do particularly if the owners or their children feel frightened or that the presence is causing a disturbance that is effecting their health.

Within in my own home it is fine, I accept the validity of their presence; this was their home and still is. The only difference is that they are now just energy forms without a fleshly body.


  1. Did the previous owner move out because of the other residents?

    I shared a house once with a male presence. He favoured loitering around the bathroom area and at times it felt quite uncomfortable. I have never showered as quickly as I did in those days!
    He also liked to wait until everyone had gone to bed and then stomp up and down the stairs.
    I don't think he was very keen on sharing with students!

    x V.

  2. Hello Valonia,

    Thank you for your question.

    No the previous owner inherited the place from an elder brother. As it had been their family home, so the place was surplus to his requirements.

    Kind regards,

  3. Wow. Would love to know more... Apart from the cat flap waking me up in the night occasionally. I'm not aware of any co-occupiers. Yet. I'm still freaked out a little from finding out from the deeds of this cottage that it was owned by distant ancestors of mine which I hadn't known about. Perhaps my taking it on has stilled any lost souls and ghosties?

  4. Dear Lizzie,
    I think that you are right!

    It is amazing that you moved to the your ancestors home without knowing, could it be gene memory do you think ?

    Kind regards,
    Heron x

  5. I'm starting by sending a virtual hug. I so wish I could make it back to see you in person. El and I had such a lovely time visiting you, and was personally undisturbed by your other household members, visible and invisible. I just recall feeling safe, and welcome, and relaxed. I was very sorry to have to leave.

    I was wondering if you still have the walls painted by your visitors, and if so, if you might be willing to post some pictures of their work.

  6. Hi Trix,

    What a surprise!

    Goodness me how many years ago was that ?
    and no don't answer that question.

    Actually there are but two left, both by a visitor from Upper NY State and a few of mine... sorry but wear & tear marches on and emulsion covers the damage.

    Still if I can find words to fit pics h'm you never know??

    much warmth,

    Heron x

  7. Very interesting. I moved from a supposedly haunted house just over a year ago. Things came off walls most oddly, in one case ornaments fell off shelves without touching items in front of them. (house approx 150 years old) One ex tenant is sure its haunted, I'm not so sure. But I tell you this, when I sold it. I mentioned nothing. Do you think I should have said something?
    A body was found in an attic during the war. A friend lived in this house. I never told her that either!

  8. Hello Ken,
    That is a very debatable question: As to whether to mention hauntings or not, for some people who like the idea might pay more and others would be frightened off altogether.

    Some people are not even aware of 'happenings'in their home.

    Good to hear from you,

    Regards ,

  9. I once lived on a Thames sailing barge,often at night I would hear footsteps up on the deck but there would be no-one there. The footsteps allways went from stern to bow but never the other way.

  10. Hello Gerald,

    How strange do you suppose they jumped ship !

    What's more I used to work in Frome near the Cross Keys.

    Thanks for becoming a Follower.
    Kind regards,


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