Monday, 4 January 2010

Surprise Package

Ion Tape Express

I was awoken this morning by the sound of a vehicle stopping in the road near our home, not that's there anything new in that because it is a narrow road and it frequently happens when two vehicles coming in opposite directions need to pass.

On arising , I followed my normal pattern: 5 minutes in the chair to collect my thoughts and a puff of my pipe, next to rekindle the fire from its glowing embers, followed by making the coffee and giving Mrs H a shout telling her 'Coffee is on the table' after our chat the day starts with mrs H feeding the cats. We have two indoor cats Magic an all black nearly-Tom plus Squeak a stub tailed Ginger and 6 outdoor ones including two kittens who are semi-wild. Mrs H returned from feeding the outdoor bunch saying 'The postman has been' and walked in with a white package postmarked England addressed to me.

On opening I discovered that my wonderful daughter had sent me a marvelous gadget, which plays music tapes directly into itunes and as Mrs H & i have our own separate collections, we shall now be able to store them on our macs and even burn them onto CD's to save space.

So it gives me great pleasure to give Helen a public Thank You darling! For her warm generosity towards her Old Dad. If you scroll through the list of followers Helen is the lady on the second page in a large hat with a cerise braid on it's rim!

Tech stuff

TECH TOOLS: ION Tape Express

If you’re over the age of 30, chances are you have a lot of old tapes sitting that rarely get played. Favourite albums from when you were a teenager, old chart shows nabbed from the radio… irreplaceable stuff. Now you can convert them to digital with the Ion Tape Express.


The tape archiver uses USB to transfer your old music from outdated cassettes to MP3 files, so you can put them on your MP3 player or iPod, burn them to CD or store them on your PC. Mac

The included software coaxes you through the process of converting the files, so it’s (almost) idiot-proof. Wave goodbye to chewed tape forever.


  1. Hope you have lots of fun re-discovering your cassette music Dad ........... I bet you unearth some gems!!! xxx

  2. Good to see you writing on here H. I discovered yesterday that it cuts out a lot of tape noise if it is cushioned, rather than used directly on the table top, makes sense really :-)

  3. What a thoughtful and kind daughter you have...was my lasting impression!!!

    I keep using my old tapes to de-ice my car windsrcreen......

  4. What a thoughtful gift, Helen!
    But, Heron, I know you are aware that every gift from a child is dear, no matter what it is... :)

    Your home sounds lovely, too.
    Getting up, putting on the coffee, having a pipe(my Dad used to do that) and feeding the livestock are all wonderful and wholesome ways to greet the day. It seems very peaceful.

    I now wish I had an ipod...
    And a postbox at the end of the drive...

  5. This is cool. There is a similar device that allows you to transfer vinyl to digital format also. One of these days, when I have a lot of time...


  6. Aha, I knew we were kindred spirits...fellow Macs! Now I'm wishing I hadn't got rid of all my old tapes. What a wonderful gift. Your daughter is a darling! I like your description of your daily routine too. I wish I could say my mornings were the same..they aren't. Far too hectic. Yours sounds much more agreeable ;-)


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