Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Wanton destruction by VW

In foreground are trees which
are under threat by VW

I have today received a request from a friend in Germany concerning the destruction of a large forest,

are her words are below :-

In Braunschweig (Lower-Saxony, Germany) the planned destruction of

approx. 60,000 trees, even very old trees of 200 years threatens in the Querumer

forest because of a not compelling necessary lengthening of the runway

of the airport. The actual length is fully sufficient for the current

traffic load, on any other seldom occasions the nearby located airports

of Hannover or Magdeburg could be used.

I therefore appeal to VW and the DLR as the main airplane operator on

this airport: Please contribute your share of a reasonable balance of

interests between the residents, the nature as well as the climate on

the one hand and commercial advantages on the other hand. For the

realization of approx. 5 test flights per year under full load (DLR)

it´s possible to switch to the named airports. In addition, I’m of the

opinion, that a automobile manufacturer (VW), who takes on a

wolf-sponsorship or even topically launched an advertising campaign „I

am with pleasure in the Green – and also tomorrow I still want to be

able to say this!“, can only demonstrate credibility in the protection

of our nature, if he does not insist on felling a whole piece of

woodlands with 60.000 trees only to avoid some relatively slight

inconveniences for his managers.

The inhabitants in the region of Braunschweig needs their trees for

clean air, climate protection and as nearby recreational area. And also

the protection of our nature, in this case even of a doubly stated

European Protection Area with very old stock of trees, is important for

all of us.

So Please sign the petition and circulate your friends


Secondly send email to the following people who are responsible and are on the staff of VW and DLR (that is german aerospace center)and have planned this disaster


<[Klaus.Hamacher@DLR.de]> <[Joachim.Szodruch@DLR.de]> <[Martin.Winterkorn@Volkswagen.de]> <[Horst.Neumann@Volkswagen.de]> <[Ferdinand.Piech@TUWien.ac.at]> <[Juergen.Peters@Volkswagen.de]> <[Bernd.Osterloh@Volkswagen.de]> <[Wolfgang.Ritmeier@Volkswagen.de]> <[Christian.Wulff@stk.niedersachsen.de]>

Thank You

Further information as follows :-

The Volkswagen company wants to plant 40 hectares “energy forest” But in Emden, in Braunschweig they want to cut down 90 hectares of old trees clear - environmentalists are indignant.


soon forest threatens also in the Querumer Forst

the PR-managers of VOLKSWAGEN provide gladly for a green well-being feeling climate. Therefore they launch headlines like these: “Volkswagen work Emden plants trees for an energy forest”.

By using the biomass for heating the company wants to reduce the “CO2-Emissionen clearly”.

Not quite to fit another project the autofarmer wants: Volkswagen AG for a runway extension at the airport Braunschweig Wolfsburg shortly lets 90 hectares forest clear - thus their managers ca fly without

delay to Asia. The nature protection federation Germany (NABU) and several citizens' initiatives accuse double moral to the company.

Company spokeswoman Ines Roessler finds the set-off “genuinly unfair”: One does not have to do with the other nothing at all. “In Emden we” act, say them, for which runway extension is in

Braunschweig against it “alone the airport company responsibly” - by the VOLKSWAGEN 35, 6 per cent of the portions holds. The remainder the cities Braunschweig (42,6) and Wolfsburg hold (17,8)

as well as the circles GIF horn and Helmstedt (ever 2 per cent). There the bulk of the Volkswagen workers lives.

For the environmentalists goes it around surviving the Querumer forest, the largest forest area belonging to Braunschweig. The area covers 60,000 trees, a over 200 years old forest from oaks,

which is proven as FFH and European Union bird protection area.

For the operator company of the airport it concerns the future of the state of research place Braunschweig: The german aerospace center (DLR), plans experiments with an airbus 320. Without runway extension such research project from Braunschweig were withdrawn, maintain

pure hard Manlik, CDU councilman in Braunschweig and supervisory board chairmen of the airport company.( Comment of me research makes 2 % of the flights)

In the first area planning procedure 2003 of it was nothing about it. At that time of Braunschweig justified municipal authorities the airport development with “tourism” and “regular transport service”.

The terms “work traffic” and “research” emerged only 2007, in the second plan statement procedure, which abnickte the Land authority for road construction and traffic.

In the document it is to be also reread who from the runway extension really profits: Therefore the flying operation goes into Braunschweig to approximately 80 per cent

on the account from VOLKSWAGEN. Company spokeswoman according to Roessler are there only “17 per cent”.


  1. Thank you for highlighting that...have done as suggested.

    How can the human race be so short-sighted?????? Again and again. Cosmos...save us from ourselves..

  2. Thank you very much Molly, our world needs people to make a stand against the Eco Criminals who put profit
    before ecology. It is not just in Germany that these anti Nature actions take place.
    Similar actions take place wherever there is a profit to be made and regardless of what has to be destroyed the Eco Criminals operate. Here in Ireland 46 irreplaceable ancient sites and were destroyed by our government to build the M3 in the Tara/Skryne Valley.
    The industrial company VW & other such institutions need to be aware that the eyes of the world are upon them and are critical of their actions!

  3. ...seems no matter what.. when it comes to air travel.. the people behind it "see nothing, hear nothing"... mostly understand nothing..

    "airplanes and Travel" are the sacred cow of the economy.. no one is allowed to say anything against air travel.. I live in a flight path of planes coming and going from North America to Europe.. and on a clear day or evening, it is utterly unbelievable how much air traffic there is!!

    How can anyone say these beasts and their associated airports and such, are causing No havoc to the environment... I think much of the world have their heads in the sand...

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  5. More wonton destruction.
    It brings to mind a similar occurrence here in Canada.
    A large airport was proposed to replace Montreal International Airport, therefore leaving the old airport for domestic flights.
    In order to make room for this new airport, many many farmers were driven from their homes and their land expropriated - land that had been in these families for going on two centuries.
    The land was raped and paved and the large airport went into business.
    Now, the saddest part of all is this new airport never quite got off the ground. It lies mostly abandoned with only a few hangars and runways in use by courier air traffic. Runways, that used to be valuable farmland, sit useless. A waste.
    All domestic and international flights now arrive and leave the original airport, since re-named Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport.
    Twenty years later, the farmers are still fighting for compensation to cover their loss.

  6. Ah yes, Mirabel the Montreal Airport that wasn't.
    Here on the WestCoast, in preparation for a 12 day event called the Olympics, an entire area of wildnerness was blasted and laid waste so the athletes could enjoy the cold comfort of the sea to die highway enroute to their respective events.
    On the Island, Old Growth forest is now at 1%, it used to be (20 years ago) 60%.
    So yes, we need to fight this with everything we can legally do.
    Boo to VW.

  7. Old forests huh? How dare they? I'm signing, enough said.

  8. Lady North, we drove the Sea to Sky hiway a year ago last fall. There is a lot of destuction to the forest, as well as blasting through the mountainsides.
    The stretch of the Trans Canada that is being twinned between Castle Junction and Golden BC is another example.

  9. Postal addresses of the irresponsible persons

    This are the ones of VW
    Martin Winterkorn, Horst Neumann, Juergen Peters, Bernd Osterloh, Wolfgang Ritmeier
    Volkswagen AG
    Berliner Ring 2
    38440 Wolfsburg

    President of Lower-saxony:
    Christian Wulff
    Hindenburgstraße 30
    30175 Hannover

    These are the ones for German aerospace center:
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johann-Dietrich Wörner
    Klaus Hamacher
    Joachim Szodruch

    Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
    Linder Höhe
    51147 Köln


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