Monday, 11 January 2010

Snow and Ice

Old stone house, you stand as a sentinel small and warm, shielding ghosts of the future and, sheltering those from earlier times. Oft I do wonder what your walls, floors have recorded before and since electrification, the age of light and the age of dark. You hold your secrets close, as close as the faery tree that appears to be a post in one corner - that is to the uninitiated!

Ice Maiden your beauty gleamed as diadems on stems in crisp hedgerows, elsewhere on river bank from rock and frond, you are seen as dainty crystals, diamonds, contrasting with shadow to dance, glow and seduce a photographer to capture your shining beauty.

I am not sorry to see that a thaw has started. For cabin fever was almost upon us, restricted as we were by ice-snow compacted roads - that are now changing to deep dying dirty slush, that squelch, splash in spasms under tyres.

Enough, enough Snow Spirit you have had your fun and made your presence felt

and now thank goodness you will soon melt !


  1. Beautiful images! Still, we too are fed up with our white world now. It's beyond amusing now...I hope you get free before the cabin fever gets you.

  2. All was lush and green this morning for a few hours.... now tonight as I write, the snow lays deeper than before...
    'We are not amused'

  3. Cabin fever in January , now that is scary.. you usually receive warmer weather much sooner than us... it must be right around the corner tho, hopefully... till then snuggle up... your home looks so cozy!!

  4. We too have had a fresh downfall overnight - causing mayhem on the roads ..... the positive is though that for a few brief minutes this morning me & my work colleaugues reverted to childhood & had a mass snowball fight ... glowing fingers & toes & a cup of grown-up coffee now .... Keep warm & safe Dad xx

  5. My, looks cosy and snug, and enjoyed your prose, you're gifted man! We're under inches of the slushy stuff again overnight and falcons are getting desperate overhead.

  6. A grown up coffee has in my opinion, contains a goodly dash of Whisky or Rum - is that what you mean ? :-)

    Thank you liZZie! The small birds need to watch out when the Falcons are about - dangerous times!

  7. Beautiful photos, Heron!
    And the poetry accompanying them is heart-felt.
    I also enjoy the faery ring of bucked-up logs in your yard...
    Your home is lovely.

  8. Firstly my apologies to Gwen for omitting to acknowledge her warm comments - the cold had entered my brain :-(
    Dale thank you & thank you for recognising the Ring, h'mn
    for they have been seen there too. Mrs H braved the cold in her new purple boots to take the photos, while I made coffee, I do so love women's lib :-) :-) :-)

  9. Thanks for dropping by at my blog. I spent my formative years in Ireland and now reside on the edge of Exmoor - a journey similar to that which you appear to have made, but in reverse.

    I enjoyed your photos. If you would like to see a snowy view of the area around my adopted home, look here -

    - snow being a rarity here, the beauty of it surprises the locals.

    I'll be back!

  10. Sighs, I love your words and the pictures are so beautiful, your home so protectively cozy and peaceful! Makes me hope one day to get to see all this in person!
    warmest of hugs and deepest of appreciation for sharing all this with us! Debs


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