Saturday, 14 August 2010

Smoky Visions

The centre of the home in Ireland is the hearth, where traditionally
food was cooked and it's heat was a comfort to all on cold wet days.
It was on the hobs on either side of the fire, that the story teller sat
to relate the tales of old history to eager ears.

This particular hearth is at the home of a friend, we took pictures
and only when we downloaded them saw that what appears to be spirits
in amongst the smoke and strange faces on the brickwork.

Because of what we saw. This gave me the idea of sharing with you.
So be my guest and stare at the photo below to see what may be seen
and share it with us in your comments, become the story teller.

I suggest you click on the photo to enlarge for greater clarity.


  1. Wo, that's special! You live in the land of the ancients, so I suppose it's not surprising really. I do declare, Heron, you give true meaning to the whole idea of Ireland being inhabited by faeries!

  2. Wonderful feel to this photo, I also see the faces ...and can almost taste the Irish stew x

  3. There's nothing like sitting by the fire..

  4. I too thought smoke fairies! My grandfather, who was Irish American, was a great story teller, it was our ritual, every morning and evening after a meal!

  5. I first looked at this post a couple of days ago and couldn't see anything in the smoke, but that night I had vivid dreams. Today I see a toad and a young woman from the left with long hair and bare arms. My imagination tends to get fired up by the flames in my woodburner which is in the site where once there would have been a range, so spirits past abound. The hearth is certainly the heart of any home if fortunate to have real fire. Fire, water, air and earth...

  6. Oh yes, I see the many faces...they look like rather old faeries..some have pleasant countenances and one on the right side has a rather grouchy one. These images accompanied by your poems, Mel have me caught up in the ancient spirit world that I long to visit. The one on the very top left has a distinct nose and a full head of white hair and full wispy beard and mustache..he looks quite pleasant to me..contemplative actually. Love posts like these that stir the ancient imagination

  7. What fun! In the fist picture I can see a shaggy native pony moving away.Above the pony is an very misty but older face .In the foreground I can see a young face male with dark hair.In the second photo I can see an older face in a tree,Tree spirit??

  8. This hearth is alive!
    Your friends are very lucky to have such company.


  9. My thanks to you all for having made some interesting comments and for allowing others to see your hidden depths.
    I get great fun too from looking into the smoke and quite often there are different images to be seen.