Sunday, 1 August 2010

Progress report

The scaffolding has all been removed. Before it went my good
lady insisted on climbing it, with shaking knees, to paint the
cottage ( all to do with her being an artist !)
The tub on the left is our water saver for when we have a rare, dry summer.

Can you identify this gadget ?
I'll not keep you guessing it is part of the innards of a washing machine.
I am going to use it as a mechanism to raise the access hatch in the meditation space
without having to climb the ladder to do so. All will be revealed on a later blog.

This is the easy access to the upper loft , the floor is actually
a lower loft in our bedroom.

The meditation space cum sleeping area.
The varnished boards were given to me some years ago,
I like the effect that they give to the west window wall, for it looks old
rather than new.
The insulation material between the rafters is eco-wool and is
made from recycled plastic bottles. It does the same job as that
awful yellow fibreglass that is so damaging to the health.
The square hatch will eventually be capable of being raised from
the floor below. First though I have to complete the panelling.

Despite the working conditions, we frequently take our coffee up
into this room, as we enjoy the energy/atmosphere that it contains.


  1. What a project! Your new roof looks great Mel, and the meditation space is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the finished result.

  2. That particular green colour on your window sill is wonderful. One used to see it everywhere in the countryside (with cream), but white has now taken over! Love the wiring; we used to call it 'GPO Wiring'. They would do exactly the same thing INDOORS (if one wasn't watching).

  3. Have sleeping bag & air bed, will travel. ;-)

  4. Great Idea to paint while the scaffolding was up as its a lot quicker and safer than a ladder. Its looking fantastic. Can't wait to see the end result.

  5. I've been reading through your posts covering your major house renovations. Makes interesting reading.

    I've been meaning to pop over for a while but the missrs keeps giving me jobs to do!!

    Best wishes

  6. I don't believe we even have access to this insulating material over here yet.. so sensible.. You have done so much work since the last post.. bet you can't wait to use it.. I am enjoying seeing the progress...
    The best in your adventure...

  7. I await with great interest the development with the innards from a washing machine... I thought at first you'd taken up weight lifting. I envy you that loft, it's really good, lucky you. Thanks for your kind comments by the way.

  8. Thank you for your comments. I'll do my best to give you answers.
    VallyP : I too am looking forward to all being finished :)

    Cro Magnon: Your comment on GPO wiring made me smile.
    Yes it could have been a lot tidier. I dislike 'tidy' prefer to have a bit of oddness where possible, as I think it adds character.
    Doreen: I agree.

    Ita: If I did not know you better... it might suggest a certain wantoness :) ? ????

    SilentOwl: I shall be charging for tours, cos have decide to join the stately home shower!

    Eddie Bluelights: You are very welcome, though be prepared to work :)

    Gwen: It is great to hear from you once again and nice to know that we have the edge on your great country in as far as insulation :)

    liZZie : My weight lifting days are long over. A word of advice never dispose of a washing machine. For they are full of useful bits and bobs!


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