Sunday, 29 August 2010

Transformation Complete !

Finally the outward transformation of our home is complete.
Internally there are though a few jobs to still to do.
As per the redecorating the front room & the addition
of a new computer desk as the present one now
looks decidedly tatty.

A slight set back has occurred in our planning, all due to
my carelessness concerning a ladder, that I postioned wrongly
when leaving the attic in a hurry. The consequence being that
like Humpty Dumpty & Jack (as in Jack & Jill) My head has been
repaired with string (four stitches) and glue but no brown paper!
Mrs Heron has barred me from entering the loft until the wounds
are fully healed; unfortunately I am not good at being a patient :)
There are though other jobs that I can do without a ladder,
a letter box needs to be put on the wall & perhaps the addition
of a door bell or chime, a brass bell would be nice except
that I fear that it might ring in the winds.

Sitting on the window cill is our black cat named Magic,
he was capable of opening the old transom
windows to let himself out and in.
Well let's see if he can manage these new ones!

This now untidy area is our Suntrap, it faces due south
and is the one place that Mrs H can be found enjoying the sun in
the early mornings drinking a coffee and smoking the first ciggy of
the day, whilst still in her dressing gown.


  1. Your place is looking great...
    yes I know about bells ringing in the wind .. several times in the middle of the night we have stumbled down to the front door and removed the clapper...

    smart cat you have there.. he is probably working on his new entrance right now...

    great to a little warm nook to sit in too.. we always gravitate to ours on a brisk day ...

    Sorry about your head , hope it is healing well.. take care

  2. Oh MEL! You must take care. Falls from ladders are not always so easily fixed. I agree with Mrs H entirely.

    The cottage looks lovely. So spruce and bright, and the sunny nook is a blessing whatever the time of year.

    Glad to see this update, we'd missed you!

  3. Ladders are dangerous as you have discovered..we feel like nothing can hurt us in our homes but that is where more accidents happen so they say. I have the same garden face as the small one you have on your wall next to the window. Small world. Listening to poetry and enjoying it very of my favorite things to do. Glad I found you, dear friend. I'll send you a pic of my garden man's face. Kim

  4. The house looks so good and still so full of character,I do hope you took some Arnica after your fall.I am pretty certain Mrs H. has some tucked away somewhere.Stregth 30 once a day for a few days,Not near drinking coffee though.It is great for bumps and bruises and helps avoid any nasty after effects.

  5. Oh, Sir Heron,
    i hope you told off that ladder!!!
    Congrats on all the hard work - i shall think of it all as a labour of love :)

  6. All that and a black cat, to boot!
    It's a perfect cottage nestled in the woods, from what I can see.
    I look forward to photos of the hearth as you, once again, settle in for the winter.

  7. And heal well soon.
    None of us can afford to lose you to gravity!

  8. The cottage looks fantastic Dad,what a transformation! Hope your head is feeling better Mrs H is indeed right to make you take it a little easier!

    I'm sure the table & chairs will be back in the sunny corner very soon & hopefully next summer we can join you for a pre-breakfast cuppa ..... can't guarantee peace & quiet though .. ;)

    much love xxxx

  9. I am soooo envious. I have come to terms with having to wait a couple of years for some big jobs to get done, so like you I busy myself with little jobs... just knocked down two walls! Poor you with your head, thank goodness you have a sensible Mrs H.

  10. Windows and doors looking fantastic. Suntrap at the back is lovely and you can listen to the birds and the breeze. It really is a great job well done.

  11. Beautiful place Mel, very soulful and i'm sure a great place to relax, long may you both enjoy this little jewel xxx Aine.

  12. Glad to see it all done it looks wonderful! Now if we could just get to ours lol Debs

  13. My friends thank you for your concerns, my head has recovered quickly & Yipee am being allowed back in the loft today.

    Dale: I don't live in a wood, the trees belong to the boundary the hedges. I can see why you thought so :)

    Miranda: Coffee doesn't effect homeopathic remedies, because essentially they are the energy of a substance & as such that 'energy' cannot be destroyed by substance. Which is why it is possible to take them with orthodox medicines.

    Nat: I didn't tell the ladder off as it was not it's fault but mine for placing it wrongly :)

    I greatly appreciated everyones comments and especially Snapdragon (my daughter) who will soon produce my first Grandchild!

  14. The cottage looks absolutely beautiful...x


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