Wednesday, 16 March 2022

I Am Back !

 As the title says I am back blogging and hopefully more regularly than once a year. 

As many of you are aware I have had a bit of problem with the bladder. Well, it now seems to be righting its self. The tumour which was a T2 and has now shrunk to a T1 and perhaps by the time they take another look in June it might not even be there. For sure the symptoms that brought my attention to the fact that all was not as it should be have long gone!

Clinical suggestions were that the bladder needed to be removed however, after looking at the pro's and con's, also taking into consideration my age 79. I decided not to have that done because I want quality of life not quantity. 

I did though agree to have a short course of Chemotherapy. What an eye opener that was ! 

I shall not to go into details, other than to say it was one of the most miserable experiences of my life and would not wish it upon my worst enemy. A week or two after the course I received a phone call from the senior Oncologist who informed me that there was no cancer in my body other than what may remain in the bladder. I was walking on air for several days afterwards !

Throughout the treatment I had no hair loss which was just as well because I don't have much anyway! And the only effect I noticed was that my finger nails are now slower to grow.


On the home front our old dog Toby, aged 18 was put to sleep last month as he had lost the use of his legs; its was not sudden for we had seen him steadily weakening over the last while. 

A dark cloud of grief hung over us for a few weeks and then came the decision to get another dog. We chose a Labrador cross Collie, black with a white star on his chest with a few small bits of white on his body; we have named him Se├ánie. |He was born at Halloween in Tipperary and is now virtually house trained too! He has filled that empty sad place in our hearts and is very well behaved as well as having some puppy traits like chewing the odd shoe but not anymore for we have tidied up and put them beyond his reach.

Well my friends it is time to call a halt on my ramblings and I wish you all

A Happy St Patricks Day

So stay safe all of you !



  1. Oh Mel, how absolutely wonderful to hear from you. I am SO pleased you have recovered. I can well understand how awful the chemo was. My brother-in-law has recently had it and was in a dreadful way. What a relief you are over it all now. And both condolences on the sad loss of Toby, and congratulations on the new pup. Losing an old faithful friend is devastating, I know. May you have many happy years with your new boy. Onwards and upwards, Mel and welcome back!

  2. Glad you made it through and have come out the other side to a new lease on life!

  3. Excellent news. I'm sure everyone will be delighted to hear it. So far and 24 years after I had my cancer removed I still have cells wandering around but each time it returns there is a new treatment. Thank heaven I have so far avoided chemo. I'm so glad it worked for you and now it's in the past the misery fades as the joy of life returns. Go well. Keep safe and we look forward to hearing more.

  4. Wonderful news! Welcome back. So pleased you have kicked that awful C.

  5. It's good to see you back and hear your news. I don't visit Blogland as often as I used to be but I do miss old Blogland pals so welcome back.


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