Friday, 21 April 2023

Bord Na Mona

I felt shame the other day when a visitor to this green land of Ireland pointed out to me the disgraceful sights that they had seen on several disused peat bogs owned by Bord Na Móna. 

So I researched what the BNM company policy is regards to waste…

Bord na Móna Recycling is our waste management business, collecting 450,000+ tonnes of waste from 135,500+ customers every year. Bord na Móna is currently making waste collection greener through the electrification of its trucks.

We’re restoring and rehabilitating Ireland’s bogs to help meet climate and biodiversity goals.”

Oh right then, so why is it that at several ex-working peat bogs that I have visited recently on which large amounts of black plastic or white plastic can be seen scattered around ?

There is also an abundance of old machinery, tractors, trucks and large oil storage tanks, rusting away. 

Is it, I wonder some bizarre notion of laying down bits of 21st century industrial waste to become the archaeology of the future?

As we are doing our best to help the climate by no longer burning turf or coal, recycling our waste and composting etc., Bord na Móna, who collect & recycle for their paying customers, appear to be oblivious to the state of the bogs that they are supposedly “restoring and rehabilitating”.



  1. What a sorry state of affairs, Mel. I hate waste with a passion, especially when it is callously discarded without thought for the environs or safety of the countryside. It is the curse of our consumer age.

  2. I have to say that things have improved in the Outer Hebrides over the last 50 years from that point of view and there are no commercial waste operators as such. The Council does a very good job of recycling and disposing of the rest of our waste responsibly.


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