Monday, 6 February 2023

 I seem to be a bit lost on here, I am getting confused with the operations of my two blogs, the poem was intended solely for Words of a Rambling Mind it popped up on here - now that was a surprise ! I think that I will leave it here lest I get into more trouble.

So what's been happening with Heron do I here you say ? Well have been busy on Facebook and recently on Instagram both of which are very different operations to blogging, not sure that I like either actually.

On the personal front I am now a junior octogenarian since early January and my pension went up by a tenner a week not much, but every little helps 😆 

We have a new dog, Seanie, a black Labrador who is settling in very well after having spent the first 12 months rearranging our soft furnishings, thus no longer do we have any cushions! Other than that he is a delightful little chap to have as a companion and a bit expensive on iPhone covers am now heading towards a fifth!

Poor Toby slipped away in January 22, he was about 21 years old. In his later years he became both blind and deaf but very loyal right up to the end. He is and always will be a treasured memory.

Well that's about it for now folks I catch you later and will be back soon - I promise 



  1. Oh Mel, I am so pleased to see you back again. Congratulations on your octogenarian status and achievement of an (albeit slightly) increased pension. As for Seanie, I loved this and laughed aloud at his 'rearranging the soft furnishings, hence we have not cushions' and 'I'm heading towards a fifth iPhone cover'. I had a Lab once. She did exactly the same and proved rather expensive in cushions, underwear, shoes, stereo speakers and pool cleaners. But we loved her all the you do. Welcome back and welcome to Seanie. I know full well that Toby will always be missed. My Sindy will be too, but I'm very glad to have another dog now. I'll look forward to more of your news in the coming weeks.


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