Sunday, 22 March 2020


I have lost all enthusiasm in blogging and  even reading those of others ! Yet I am loathe to close down a herons view lest I change my mind at some future time.

My attempts at writing poetry has left me high and dry too however, I have returned to my brushes and oils to past the time with and enjoying myself immensely.

Below one of my recent paintings

Sunset over East Galway from West Clare
© MRL 2020

Please Note I am unable to respond to any of your comments, all of which are very welcome and it is not my fault or even that my O.S. the problem is either Google and or one of their subsidiaries = such as Blogger !


  1. Beautiful! I hope you and your wife are staying well in this pandemic.

  2. Don’t go! Do both, love the painting... soooo VERY envious!

    Keep well


  3. Just beautiful. Vibrant yet calming. Thanks for posting. Take care, Kris

  4. Love the painting! And please don't stop blogging at this time of self isolation. I am so enjoying keeping in touch with everyone - it is a time when we need all the socialising we cam get.

  5. Lovely! I like the colors you have used - especially the water far out. Thanks for posting!

  6. That is a lovely painting Heron. I like the reflections.

  7. I'm so glad to see this post. First, the painting is beautiful. Thanks for that! Second, I was about to send you a message to see how you were both doing. Hope you are well. So much beauty comes out of your house! Please continue sharing however rarely the inspiration strikes. Stay well!

  8. Well you're still on my radar. Stay safe.

  9. Blogging doesn't have to be words.
    That is beautiful