Monday, 17 August 2020

I stared enthralled

Recently while I was drinking coffee outside of the Russell Gallery at New Quay, Co. Clare I had a lucid experience of a strange happening on the far shore of Aughinish, between sea caves in the cliff and the ruins of a derelict farm house close to the pebbled beach.

Being so moved I decided to write a poem about my experiences.

I stared enthralled

I stared enthralled

as miller’s grit- shards

shimmered streamed

clothed a rivers air

My mind ran free seeing

Figures of every age converse

convivially move as before.

Silent souls, opaque beings

on death’s opposite shore.

©MRL August 2020


  1. Lovely, Mel. It sounds as if it was a moving experience!

  2. Poems, I am not sure I get them. I love the idea, but struggle with getting the gist normally. Yours is no different. Mind you, I have read it through a few times with furrowed brow, trying with every read to get the gist... do tell? Was it an out of body experience? I am totally entranced, enthralled even!


  3. This must be one of my most-read posts. I have left it on my browser and come back to it day after day and often quite a few times a day. I think it is like a lot poetry that I read in that I can love the words and what they might convey to me but try as I might I cannot be sure that I can fathom the depths of the soul that wrote them. But then 'twas ever thus.

    1. Thanks for your generous comment Graham.
      As for understanding me. Well , not even my mother was able to do that !

  4. I always feel that poems are not written but discovered by poets. Your poem and experience is an example of that. Regards, Naomi Black Butterfly