Sunday, 12 April 2020


Once again I am sharing with you a recent painting of mine of the Co. Clare coastline - the time of day is sunrise and the month was May. Almost a year has gone by of since I took note of the colours and made pencil sketches of that clear and silent early morning.

My medium is as always oils, for I appreciate the stretch and plasticity that enables me to blend and build up the layers until my desire is achieved.

Reflected Dawn on canvas 60 x 20 cm

We have the use of a holiday home off the beaten track that sits almost on the waters edge, high enough up to be safe in a storm and close enough that none can build in front of us. It suits all of our requirements like no other property could.

Unfortunately due to this wretched global virus our next visit may not be until September; I realise that there are many who are alive today that possibly may not be so in a few weeks time and that truly saddens me. I cannot help but liken the number of fatalities world-wide to the war time conditions that prevailed in WW2 (I was born early January 1943).

The heroes of this crisis are surely the medical staff and ancillary workers of every hospital and facility that is dealing with the casualties. There is and will be much counselling to be done among the relatives and close friends of the victims.
I am cocooned here at home in the heart of the Irish countryside and wish you all the best of health. Stay safe.

As ever I am still unable to reply to your comments yet rest assured 
that I do read and welcome your words !


  1. What a beautiful painting.

  2. That is indeed a beautiful painting. Thank you for sharing it here. Stay safe.

  3. Beautiful - I hope you are both well.

  4. Heron - I love the picture - and I love your words too today.

  5. The painting captures wonderfully the colours that I, too, can see across the sea to the Scottish Mainland. where the sun rises behind the mountains. I am absolutely captivated by your portrayal.

    Keep safe.

  6. A very lovely painting, Mel, and I hope you get to visit your special holiday spot. I too find the news of the global crisis distressing and saddening. So many lost, so many medical staff under extreme pressure, and no one knows whether they are doing the right thing or not. How can they? Thank you for sharing your beautiful painting with us. Stay well, Mel!