Monday, 5 October 2015

TTIP last chance to sign

The one-year deadline for signing the European Citizens' Initiative against TTIP & CETA is tomorrow.
Dear Mel,
Today, the European petition against the dangerous trade deals TTIP & CETA broke the 3 million mark, making it the largest ECI petition ever. [1] What a powerful message to send those hoping to push the deal through in secret.
This enormous petition will be hand-delivered to the European Commission this Wednesday, leaving us with just one day to add as many signatures as possible.
Mel, we can double our impact if each of us gets one friend to sign the petition by tomorrow evening. Can you share the petition with your friends and family on Facebook or Twitter?
In the past year, politicians across Europe have been taken aback by the strength of people powered action against TTIP and CETA. Let’s keep them on their toes by making this huge petition even bigger.
If you don’t use social media, there’s an email below that you can forward to friends and family.

More power to you,
Anne Marie and the Uplift team

PS: If you haven't signed the petition, you can add your name here:
PPS: Uplift is a member of the Europe wide STOP TTIP campaign:
 [1] and

Dear friends,
I just signed a petition against a secret trade deal being worked out between the US and the EU. It’s called TTIP and it’s the biggest corporate grab ever to be agreed.
TTIP would allow corporations sue governments if they make decisions which could harm their future profits. For Ireland, it means that our water could be privatised and GMO foods and fracking could be allowed. Our beef and agriculture sectors will be hit hard and workers rights put at risk.
But millions of people across Europe are saying NO to TTIP. On Wednesday a petition will be hand-delivered to the European Commission. It has over 3 million signatures from people across Europe.
We have one day left to add as many names as possible. Can you sign the petition too? Politicians are beginning to realise that public opposition to TTIP is growing and this petition is getting a lot of notice. Let’s make it as big as possible before Wednesday.
Here’s the link:

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  1. I've signed before, Mel, and I'll sign again. This is all so wrong!

    1. Thank you Val. TTIP would turn all of our lives into misery.


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