Friday, 30 October 2015


The other day our visitors from England treated Lady H and myself to a tour through three
counties to one of our favourite destinations The Chocolate Garden in county Wicklow 

We each felt very undecided in making a choice from the menu board, thus our selection seemed to take a good deal of time. Lady H chose for herself an Ice Cream Sundae, I went for a slice of chocolate Fudge Cake accompanied by a vanilla ice cream and the other two had slices of Carrot Cake and fresh cream. All with a mug of Hot Chocolate each.

Following on from a surfeit of chocolate Lady H and I became quite giddy, high would be another description anyway, we spotted this bijou cottage and wondered whether to down size.
As you can see it comes complete with all of the necessary domestic equipment and we would very much appreciate your thoughts ?


  1. Delicious!
    And, tiny houses are all the rage these days! :)

    1. Thank you Carol.
      To be honest we were not sure
      For there is no door
      With only an earth floor.
      Short in length too
      through one window a bird flew
      Perhaps we will leave it for
      someone like you ? :)

  2. I thought for a moment it might have been made of chocolate! I'm sure you could make it very cosy indeed :)
    Oh all those cakes and ice creams to select...I completely agree with all your choices, carrot cake, ice cream sundae are my favourites and hubby loves chocolate fudge cake....yummy!

    1. Our visits are not very frequent which given the richness is just as well because I always bring back a selection of their dark chocolate confections.

  3. I love that photo of you and Mrs H! I'm not sure that downsizing is such a great idea though...not quite that far :) All that chocolate, now...

    1. By jove Val!
      In the clear light of day and now having a chocolate free system.
      I am able to concur with you. Yes, far too small :)