Saturday, 20 October 2012

Oliver's 2nd Birthday

Today is Ollie's second birthday

The Rufus Family

Oh look he has toes just like mine

Ollie with his friend Leah

'What is this all mine?'

'Sorry Dad but I'm too puffed out after all of that cake, to play footy
with you today'


  1. Ahhh Ollie sends big Birthday hugs & kisses & thanks for his pressie & card
    much love xxxx

  2. Awwww, is he already two years old? /it seems like just a snap of the fingers he was having his first birthday. Love the last photo. Determined little chap!

  3. Happy birthday to Ollie!
    He's a real little character now and looks so like his Mum in the third pic.

  4. Wow I can not believe how big he is already! the time it is a movin along wayyyy tooo fast! lol