Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Trees Sleep

This is a special day it being November the 1st also the first day of Winter. Now please stand as you read on... 

The very special occasion is that it's Mrs Heron's Birthday, she is now xx years of wisdom and I am too much of a coward to enumerate here exactly how young she is. Er' you may now sit okay.

Ollie playing peek-a-boo while standing on a
carpet of leaves

Above is the largest tree in our back garden - an Ash of which is always
a delight to the eye throughout the year and I am keeping my fingers crossed
that it avoids being damaged by the dreadful fungus as are so many elsewhere.

This pair of horses live in my neighbours' grounds, they seem to spend much of their lives grazing in this field and are only missing during the warm summer months. I took this photo to tie in with the title of the blog and depict the sleeping trees.


  1. Happy Birthday, Lá breithe sona to Mrs HV.

    And for later...Slainte!

  2. Hope Mrs Heron had a lovely day today, which I'm sure she did.

  3. Happy BD to your sweetheart.

    I used to have an Ash at the entrance to my first home and I loved it.

  4. Happy birthday Mrs. Heron :) I love the pic with the horses, absolutely beautiful!

  5. A belated Happy Birthday to Mrs H! So sorry I missed the day, but I'm sure you spoilt her royally! Lovely photos of your beautiful world!

  6. A Very Happy Birthday to a very special Lady. We love this time of year as its lovely and crisp albeit a wee bit cold and wet. Hope you had a lovely Samhain and as some might say Happy New Year. Tony & Gaynor XXX.

  7. A belated Happy Birthday to Madame Heron. Lets hope that we all still have Ash trees around which to celebrate her next one!

  8. BeautiFull... Happy B-day...Mrs. H. ;-)) (my "mister's" is also, 11/1 or 1/11)


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