Sunday, 18 November 2012

Important places

The Spirits that live unseen in our cottage are
most definitely feminine. So to honour them &
the Divine Feminine I brought back from Glastonbury
this figure and in her belly sit my favourite crystals.

This is the most important area of our home, in my mind
I call it the 'engine room' for from this small space is
delivered the sustenance that drives our lives.

Our array of storage pots, you will notice two coffee
jars and that is because we blend two different types
&  sometimes we make a brew from just one of them.
The brandy was there just to remind me that I still
had to make another coffee liqueur for Yule.

I have a deep curiosity of looking at other peoples 
storage cabinets when visiting their homes & so
just to correct the balance, I thought to display ours.

Our collection of jugs, pots and vases sitting safely
on a beech shelf next to the books.

Shelves of curiosities from from a quaint musical box
to willow plates, a smoker's cabinet & the requisite
drinks shelf with a dish of crystals that separate
Wine from Whisky

All of the willow ware shown here was purchased to display in Mrs H's recent series of paintings. 

I hope that you have enjoyed your visit to our home.


  1. May I say that I love the beautiful blue that you have painted the trim of the cupboards and the shelves. It really is one of my absolute favourite hues! That said, I have very much enjoyed visiting your kitchen and its eclectic array of pots and treasures. Totally charming, Mel!

    1. Val,
      That particular blue was mixed to Mrs H's preference- she has a great idea of what colours go well together and where they need to be placed to good effect.

  2. A lovely insight in to where you live and exactly as I pictured it. The only thing that surprised me was the very very small booze shelf! I expected a large wine cellar and at least three or four different types of whiskey! Love the blue colour in the kitchen xxx

    1. Fran, The hooch is shelved elsewhere and will be the subject of another blog. I don't actually have a much of liking for whisky, Mrs H however is very partial to Laphraoig and also Irish Mist.

  3. Birgit H said:-

    Oh Mel this looks fantatsic! How the place changed! Jane, you are fab!!!!!!
    Again do not know why I can not upload a comment, so this email will have to go for it instead.
    Love and Hug

  4. Are those chocolate pots on the beech shelf? Together with the little pitchers. Mother used to collect little pitchers, shaped as animals and large enough for the milk for the oatmeal. I was not introduced to chocolate pots until my daughter bought one in an antique store for a friend.

    1. No, there is a reproduction of 18th Century Feeding Jug coloured creamy beige, a 1930's vase, three Willow items Teapot, cream jug and milk jug, a coffee pot and a modern milk jug from a Welsh Pottery and finally a large blue vase from Connemara and oh a glass ashtray!

  5. Tristram in Ontario said:
    HI buddy delightful vital places warms the heart and
    soul... as I look about here

    a sense of fine pal-ship comes to visit we too have
    unseen companions and it is a feeling of depth ..


  6. I hope all is well, Mr H. Seems a while since you've posted.

  7. Thank you for sharing these, I loved the warmth and I absolutely loved the statue!

  8. Thanks for sharing these pics, loved the warmth I felt and especially loved the statue!