Sunday, 31 July 2011

Oliver's Big Day

The lateness of this blog is all due to my feeling lazy since returning from the UK during the middle of last week. For it took me a couple of days to get a sense of being back at home and then came an in-dwelling of gladness for living where we do.

Only two complaints with journey: one is that Stena Line do not serve small coffees and secondly, the seating on British trains becomes very uncomfortable after one and a half hours and as our rail journey was four hours long you can imagine the relief we felt at the end of the journey. Next time we shall take a cushions.

The Big Day of Oliver's Naming Ceremony arrived and about forty guests gathered in Helen and Mark's back garden, most of whom were seated under the open sided marquee thus avoiding the hot sun.

Haley on tenor sax!

The ceremony started with a few tunes from Haley (a school friend of Helen's) who came up from Somerset with her family plus musical instruments, a tenor saxophone and clarinet. Her music eased us all into the right frame of mind.

The ceremony was conducted by Sylvia Summer, a Humanist Life Rites Celebrant, who brought everyone together in such a pleasant way that there was a friendly corporate-ness between us all.

Helen, Oliver, Mark and Sylvia

Poor Oliver fell asleep but regardless we carried on with the ceremony to completion. His parents had bought an Olive tree to mark the occasion and we all tied small cards on to it's branches. On these each of us wrote our wishes for him in the future; the idea being that when he is much older he will be able to read them for himself and take onboard our thoughts. Or not.

The Olive Tree

Oliver's Grandparents brought water from their home areas or favorite places. So the waters came from Corfu, Chalice Well Glastonbury, Warwickshire and ours from the River Barrow in Co. Laois. The waters were then mingled and sprinkled around the base of the tree as a symbol of our joint commitment to Oliver.

For myself it was good to meet Helen and Mark's friends and relations, my ex-relations and a couple of my long lost relations - I no longer feel quite so alone :-D
As a regular ritualist I felt that Sylvia created & conducted an excellent celebration, the memory of which will always remain within me - no higher praise can I give her and I hope that she manages to read this blog with one of her wonderful smiles.

Two wonderful squealers

Oliver - The Swinger


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate a naming wow! I love the tree and wishes tied to it, simply brilliant and very glad it all went so well and everyone got to meet and see each other again :) Oliver is growing so fast too!

  2. Carmel said :-

    That’a lovely Mel. I’m glad you were able to sit back and enjoy the ceremony leaving all the work to someone else for a change. That must have been a lovely change for you. He’s a sweetheart and what a special way to welcome him and share your wishes for his future, beautiful. I’m sure you had a lovely break- great pic of Mrs H and the lil man :)

    Happy Lughnasadh, what a harvest!


  3.    Harvey said:- 

     Pure delight      fine lad   full o the mischief      and
    incredible fine DNA....   
     the family  is  superbly   busy  doing a  great  young man  to melt
    many a heart  ; aye  and begin with Grampa  Mel         such; my
    friend ; is immortality  at it's finest  !!!
       Lorie  and Harvey   send  great blessings  to  all

  4. I have just found your blog. I read your insightful comment on Loughnasa on Cro Magnon's blog and had to visit you. The ceremony of the tree, its baptism and messages tied upon is so moving.
    Glad I found you and I am looking forward to reading your posts.

  5. We had a wonderful day & Mr Heron is very modest he & Mrs Heron contributed hugely to the day, helping with practical things such as putting up the marquee, preparing food & keeping young Oliver entertained to making our day very special by bringing their beautiful spirit & wit to our ceremony with words & deeds.
    Much love xxxx

  6. Oh my gosh, Mel, Oliver is beautiful in a boyish manly way, I mean! What a wonderful celebration...The olive tree and the mixture of waters! and the notes tied on the tree...wonderful wonderful gift you are giving us to share in!

  7. I love, love his hair! And I just took another look at the note tags on the that too! Wonderful idea! Cheers to Oliver! Thanks for letting me see him grow up!

  8. Looks like ye had a great day and even had!
    Oliver looks soo tall for his age..
    Love to you all.

  9. I think your celebration, with the water and the tree, are just a beautiful idea. I'm glad you all had a wonderful time.


  10. Wonderful celebration and a lovely account of Oliver's naming ceremony. I love the idea of marking the day with an Olive tree. It sounds as if everyone had a truly wonderful time, and I'm glad you have collected a few relatives along the way, even if they are long lost ones :)

  11. This is a wonderfully creative and unique way to celebrate. ;^) Thank you for sharing!

  12. Looks like you had a great day :-)

  13. Oliver is a very lucky little boy, whether he knows it yet or not.. A lovely post and celebration!!