Friday, 15 July 2011

Three Different Gifts!

A gift of surprise:-

The other day I was sitting in my normal place tapping away on the mac, doing some research in regards to water quality, when a vehicle that I only barely recognised reversed into the north drive to disappear from sight.

My consternation at having my concentration broken was nullified for on opening the door, there stood before me was a friend of long standing (whom we rarely see) who said 'I have a gift for you'.

Mrs H and I were equally stunned for neither of us were expecting a gift, let alone one of such magnitude. A brief discussion took place and it was decided that the garden room would be the proper place for it's installation.

A large cast iron pot belly stove

A precious gift:-

Mrs H and I are off on our travels again next week, not Scotland this time, but to England, for a very important occasion and family gathering, it being the official Humanist Naming Ceremony of our one and only grandchild.

Mrs H isn't very fond of flying. No 'fond' is definitely the wrong word. Mrs H actually hates flying ! What I dislike about flying is having to hang around for hours waiting to take off; I really think that they ought to be like a train service where there is hardly any delay.

Our mode of travel on this trip will be gentle and relaxed. From home to the ferry port by car, leaving Peggy (our car) in the long term car park for a rest. Then a pleasurable 4 hour trip across the Irish Sea to Wales, where we will catch a train to Cheltenham to be met by daughter and conveyed in luxury to her home. During the ferry trip Mrs H and I will take it in turns to stroll around the ship and have a smoke out on deck while watching the waves go by. All of that plus a quiet pint in the saloon will ease me into a hour or so of sleep.

Master Oliver Mark Rufus

The precocious gift !

This is my one hundredth blog and not the last I hope ;-) My great thanks to all the followers
and especially to those who have the time to leave comments - I will buy you a pint the next time we meet :)


  1. Was wondering where you had got to :) indeed a precious gift, what a handsome little boy - have a great time in the uk..

  2. Tristram said :-

    Lord tundrin jayzuz tis a sculpture of me maiden aunty
    same figure rezakkly
    and a thinkin she'd be hot stuff { ya ;only when
    loaded as usual and well lit !! }}

  3. Have a wonderful time over here and a safe trip! Oliver Mark Rufus - like Marcella says - a precious gift indeed!

  4. Oliver is indeed a very precious gift to us all in the Heron family! And a grandpa & granny is a special gift to a little boy, we are eagerly awaiting your arrival. It will be a very special few days for us all to share. Much love xx

  5. Oliver is getting so big and I am jealous that I cannot go with you to see him. What wonderful gifts you have received..both just keep on giving. 'Congrats on the 100th post! Well done, Mel!

  6. All I can says is Wow and Awwweee a gorgeous stove and a beautiful baby! Dang his eyes hold wisdom...anyways have a wonderful trip and enjoy yourselves immensely ...Debs

  7. I have a pot belly stove exactly the same in my living room! It really cranks out the heat. Have a lovely trip.

  8. Three wonderful gifts, but there is a fourth and that is your gift to us - it is also your blog, and for my part, it is a gift to read your accounts of your lovely gentle life in Ireland with all its wealth of information and whimsy of spirit. Enjoy your trip to see your gorgeous grandchild and we'll look forward to reading about it on your return.

  9. Sounds like my mode of transportation! Not that I mind flying, but boats and trains are so much more enjoyable.
    You certainly are blessed...Master Oliver is perfect (and so it that stove!).
    Enjoy your travels and celebration...looking forward to hearing all about both soon.

  10. I hope you all have a great time....maybe some sunshine Oliver is growing sooo quickly.

  11. Have a lovely trip! And I agree with Val! ;-)

  12. Oh Dear! :D precious precociousness!


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