Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Good Surprise in Leamington Spa !

On my visit to Leamington Spa in December of last year (2010) I was very surprised to see a gleaming white temple breaking the immediate skyline, unfortunately due to the icy roads I was unable to get close enough to take a photo. However on our recent trip the weather was very different, gorgeous in fact and almost too hot: for I am now acclimatised to the much lower Irish temperatures.

The Gudwara Sahib (Sikh Temple) is built in the middle of an industrial estate. It stands out like a beautiful bright flame and as we walked closer to the building I sensed a serene energy emanating outwards; I was immediately reminded of the energy that flows outwards from the Irish stone circles that also transmit an essence of peace and tranquility that pervades the busy mind.

It being a Sunday there was a continuous service taking place, not an ideal time for having a nose

around, though I very much hope that on our next trip to visit Oliver that we shall be able to see the inside of the Temple.

I confess that I know very little about the Sikh's and of their religion even less, except that like myself they are vegetarians and generally peaceful people.

So from their web page:-


"SELF SERVICE: Sikhs Duty to Serve

SEVA is the essence of Sikhi, and it refers to 'selfless service'', that is service performed

without any thought of reward or personal benefit.

The Sikhs arriving in Leamington and Warwick in the 1950s brought with them not only their endeavour for hard work but just as importantly they brought with them the Sikh faith with its core principal of ‘Duty to serve’ not only the Sikh community but non-Sikh as well."


  1. Margaret said:
    What brilliant pictures. Don't know very much about the Sikhs religion but would be interested to know more.
    love Margaret

  2. What an amazing building. I grew up near Southall and had Sikh school friends. I have always been facinated to learn about other religions and cultures.

  3. I do believe that our lives can be greatly enriched by other cultures, for it broadens our understanding and assists in in bringing about harmony among the peoples of this world.

  4. I have known several Sikhs, and without exception they were charming, and hard working, people.

  5. Looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing. The Sikhs are generally very courteous and nice people. Known more familiarly as 'Sardarji's in India, they are quite ready to laugh at themselves, and are in fact the basis for many silly jokes with the central characters called as Santa Singh and Banta Singh :)