Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Damn & Blast!

Unfortunately I am having big problems with my internet supplier EIRCOM, last week the internet went down on the 24th August, following a phone call to them they promised faithfully to send an engineer. Of course Ireland having a very large population 4 million + it took a second phone call to gee them up; the engineer came and failed to connect me, he contacted head office who worked wonders NOT, as a consequence of their technical ability I now have no internet connection and the phone line has packed in!

I am thinking now seeking another internet provider !


  1. Oh man do I hear that! I got fed up with my provider changed to another who promised miracles and ended up being even worse thing I know my old provider calls 10 times offerring me a better 2 yr package and I went back and so far so good, watch out for companies where you need to use routers etc. they can screw up your phone lines and cause you hours of complaint time trying to get things done! afraid they have us by the proverbial nads the buggers!

  2. I got alovely new super duper dongle that was going to do everything, including the washing up! Can I get a signal, no! I just want the old one back. Frustrating isn't it, you have my sympathy x


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