Monday, 1 March 2010


The Studio

Where dreams are created

A window of faces

What often comes to my mind when I walk into Jane's studio is 'This is where dreams are made into pictures & brought to fruition'.

The building was originally erected as a shippen for cattle, then it became a kennel for a Newfoundland bitch and her six pups. After that a wood carvers abode and almost my workshop, until a visiting eye fell upon the place and asked that it be her studio.

Three months it took to insulate the ceiling & walls, make the window with cill height to fit a table, bring in a phone line, erect a porch and paint the outside in faery colours of red, green and white.

Did I forget to mention the broom ? That came later, when herself was installed!

It is though more special than you can tell at first sight, for it is either the start or the end of a Faery path. The energy inside needs no enhancing with crystals, for we tried that at first and had to remove them.

The energy became too buzzy. For this is, as I may have said or hinted at in an earlier blog, is

Red Cap Country.

The Elementals live in a sphere of nature which overlaps the edge our world & only rarely am I allowed a glimpse of them. It is a special occasion for me personally although from my window here, I can see by the aid of the fading sun one of their villages. To others it may look like an ordinary field hedge and to see

such a sight you would need to look deep and long.

That is not always the case, for the other night I espied a small lad stepping through our stone circle towards the hedge that stands three feet south from its' perimeter. Generally all of our sightings coincide with a waxing, if not an actual full moon. There are many people in this area who can relate sightings of the faery; to such an extent that later this month a Folklorist from one of the universities will be coming here to collect and record the details.


  1. I have really enjoyed reading this post! :-) its great to see Jaynes studio , wonderful! a fantastic place of creativity and magick! and so good to read of your faery sightings, a special place! Thats so cool you are having the folklorist coming to record the details , reminds me of the book I read recently about Robert Kirk!

  2. are you sure that's red cap not mad cap or andy cap? ;-)

  3. From all I have read and knowing what I know and seeing what I have seen of Ireland , mind you I have never seen it in person unless in another life time and this I firmly believe...Ireland feels like home to me, when I have never felt any other place was...isnt that strange and your words have always touched that spot. Love pics and the colors smiles Debs

  4. I could live there quite comfortably, Heron!
    The closeness, the clutter, the windows, the colours, and the presence is almost palpable - even in the photos.

    Now, are these Redcaps pleasant? I've heard otherwise...

    And so magic happens, indeed!

  5. Heron, this takes me back to when I first read Yeats' Mythologies. It sounds as if his tales are being confirmed.

    Best wishes, Cro.

  6. I really enjoyed reading and contatemplating this post.marie-odile

  7. What a magical existence you have there Heronster.


  8. Hello Heron - did you really see a faery? How wonderful if so.

  9. Absolutely adored this blog - I have a very special love of all things magical. My ancestors on both sides of the family originated from Ireland - and even though I have never set foot on the Emerald Isle I have experienced many dreams about visiting :) dreams of being drawn to a magical / mythical kingdom that lay buried deep within the heart of a historic mountain ( very similar to Tolkien's middle earth :)

  10. The different ways that the building has been put to use are all to do with birth in a way. The calves, the puppies, the woodcarver bringing forth new life from wood and now the birth of inspiration from Ms Heron in her paintings. The stone circle, a place of cleansing, of rebirth of the spirit. Is it any wonder that you are gifted by visits. It would be strange if you were not visited in such a magical place.

  11. I love what Silent Owl said- it does truly sound like a magical place.


  12. I await more eagerly. Thin places intrique me but I'm ever in danger of falling through I fear.

  13. My many thanks for all of your comments. Dale what you have heard is correct, in the sense that it is based upon the expectations of humans. The behaviour of faery is of their own creation.
    Cro Magnon I do reccommmend that you read AE's book A Candle of Vision, for AE a friend of Yeats, was the greater theosophical mystic. French Fancy there is far more to life than what is generally accepted. Silent Owl you are very astute, as always. lizzie I do understand :-)

  14. Hallo Sir Heron, I am back to visit again after my long absence and love this fairy dwelling. I too would vie for position there. You live in a special world indeed. The atmosphere seems totally charmed. When 'she' has finished with it...can I go on the list...after the next batch of pups and cattle of course ;-)

  15. This looks like home. What a magic place.


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