Sunday, 28 March 2010

COOLE PARK, Gort, Co. Galway

Entrance Stone

The autograph tree in March

A Yew Arch

The script is an exact copy of GB Shaws handwriting!

COOLE PARK, Gort, Co. Galway.

The former home of Lady Augusta Gregory dramatist, folklorist co founder of The Abbey Theatre and the authoress of several books including Of Gods and Fighting Men. Who opened her home to the eminent figures within the Arts from 1896 to her death in 1932. Amongst who were George Bernard Shaw, WB Yeats, George Russell aka AE, Sean O'Casey, John Mansfield and many others.

To walk the pathways of this 1,000 acre estate, is to mingle ones energy with the spirits of those who came here in former times, to draw upon its ethos amid the woodlands and or walk the lakeside to the old boathouse. Where I sense a boatman is holding a boat ready for an excursion, while maids bring picnic hampers and rugs, as laughter and pleasant talk peel along the tree lined path..and the earthy roar of a distant tractor returns me to the present.

I am, I know not the only one who is drawn back through time, to feel and hear those notables who graced this place. WB Yeates spoke of faery's, AE of the spirits of the land, Lady Gregory collected folk stories. They too I believe imbibed on the magic of this place; just as we who visit frequently are pleasantly intoxicated by the traces they left behind.

For me to describe in great detail this place would be to spoil and impinge upon the maginations and experiences of future visitors. You have to visit Coole Park and it's autograph tree and before too long, for slowly the new growth is swallowing and taking into it's self those special signatures.

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  1. excellent post Mel one of the place i woud like to visit, I did visit Yeats' Grave recently and might post a few, imteresting indeed.
    Al the best

  2. I like the idea of the trees swallowing the signatures, in the same way that they swallow iron deer-fences and benches, Mel. At least Yeats had to come up against Alistair Crowley. I wish Ivor Cutler was still alive.

    What's all this trouble going on about you fairies in Ireland being accosted by old Lairds and Clan Chiefs accusing you of being Nazis? Every time I try to get on an opposing website, I am told that I am not connected to the internet, and I know damn well that I am. I know it's foul play, but is it yours or the objectors?

  3. Tom,
    Your second paragraph is a complete mystery to me?
    Lairds belong to Scotland and Clan Chiefs can live absolutely anywhere in the world.
    re the internet there have been server problems with Google today, I noticed it earlier this afternnon.

  4. I'd love to wander there, but, your post will have to suffice for now. Like Tom I wish Ivor Cutler was still alive. I sometimes wonder about R D Blackmore whose moor I trample and think little may have changed.

  5. liZZIE,
    Another (exmoor) character who used to hunt on Exmoor & was educated at Blundell's School in Tiverton was Parson Jack Russell who gave his name to the fiery small dog of the same name.

  6. Wow! World of wonders, Sir Heron! :)))
    So many treasures! Thank you for sharing them.

  7. Beautiful scenery you're sharing there, Heron. I've only ever been in the eastern part of Ireland, but that needs to change, obviously.


  8. Sounds lovely, I have yet to visit Ireland, where one quarter of my family is from! What is the meaning of the spirals? We have them in the SouthWest of America as well.

  9. By being a follower on this blog, I'll see God's creation that I would have missed otherwise. Good job. beautiful pictures.

  10. Oh to have been a fly on the wall when all those wonderful poets, artists, playwrights and authors were visiting.

  11. Heron, I love the yew arch. I have a special affection for yew trees and even when cut, their wood is beuatiful, smooth to the touch and creamy coloured. Colle Park looks like a wonderful peaceful place, rich with the words and images of its illustrious past visitors. Lovely!

  12. Firstly: A big welcome to the new followers of this blog.

    Aíne apart from Yeat's connection to Coole, there is also a Tower House nearby where he and his wife lived.

    Nat it is a privliege to be able to share parts of this island as you do with parts of yours!

    Anne-Marie The West of Ireland far surpasses the East - I think.

    String The Triple Spiral has many interpretations. I see it as representing the cycle of the year, for two spirals go in one direction and the other in the opositte direction.
    To elucidate further in ancient times they only recognised 3 seasons, as being Spring, Summer & Winter. So two spirals in one direction represent growth to harvest and the other in the opositte direction then is Winter. This only my take on it :-)

    Covnit.. Thanks for your appreciation.

    Fran I totally agree with you & lively discussions did take place particularily b'tween Yeats & AE who distanced themselves.

  13. GB Shaw writes like Paul McCartney...

    Have a lovely Easter weekend!

  14. That is very interesting. I know I have come across a few different interpretations of the SW ones but never that one. I had no idea they only celebrated three seasons, what about the equinox and solstice four part division?

  15. Hi String I think that we need to define something here:
    The ancient people recognised 3 seasons Spring, Summer & Winter-these were not so much about celebration but survival, food animals etc.

    The ancient builders of the stone chambers such as at Tara, Newgrange & those at Lough Crew were able to align the openings to the Sun & Lunar movements of two equinoxes & two solstices. The cross quarter days were exactly halfway between the Suns major movements.

    We know the C-Q days as Imbolc, Bealtainne, Lughnasadh & Samhain.

  16. my son went to cooepark about 4 years ago it sounds great always ment to go we got a tree up thee up there does anyone know how we would find it coolepark is my idea of great day out outdoors and nature


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