Saturday, 8 August 2009


The picture above shows a Rowan Tree/Mountain Ash in full fruit. It is said that the ancient Irish Druids would eat three of these berries to give them inspiration. I have eaten them several times and found them to be a bit sharp, then of course those people were well known for there caustic wit and shrewdness.

Today is the old date of LUGHNASADH, by old I mean before the dates were revised by the calendar change.

Many of today's Druids have longed recognised that the dates given by the 'official calendars' were wrong or out of sync; in fact the dates were set by the British Judiciary for their Assize Courts.

So on taking a look at the solar festivals which are equally spaced throughout the year, realised that the Fire festivals need to be equally spaced too.


A misty vale screened

half perceived at dawn

Dances faerie phantoms

here before, now again

Visual to bleary eyes

Fresh born spirits


the earthly womb

To bring

A harvest home.

© Robur 1983

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