Saturday, 29 August 2009


I am waiting, I was going to say patiently. Except that would hardly be right, because anticipation is in the air within these walls, it has been slowly building since I first ever read of the concept many months ago. My appetite for new knowledge has caused a hunger that is now soon to be sated.

I am speaking of SNOW LEOPARD of course Apples' new operating system.

It will be delivered and installed in a few days time - hurrah!

I do recall in the early 80's of having our first computer, a keyboard and a monitor and of having to type in the programs by hand, all copied from a book. Woe to him or her who mistyped and had to start all over again.

Will development ever cease? Now that's a naive question, for I believe that computers have far to go and that they will make even greater inroads into our lives.

Imagine if the transport system in every country was ruled by a system that would control our personal transport carrier. Enter the vehicle, speak in where you needed to be, take a seat and off you go at a speed that would be regulated by the amount of users and gauged to arrive safely at a destination.


You want build a new house? Select the location's ordinates, the design and all would be done for you. Including materials ordered and delivered to the site.

Equipment all controlled by computer. Not so crazy actually, for a friend of mine several years ago designed a machine that could built brick or concrete block walls. The machine failed though and the problem was with the users who failed to clean it properly!

Much the same for anything we want whether that be a Ship, Aircraft or Needle.

There is no end as to how computer controlled equipment could bring us benefits.

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