Saturday, 1 August 2009

Home is the Sailor

I often dreamed about living in a long narrow boat and of the comforts it would afford.

The free fresh air and all that greeness to be seen, from every window.

Of hearing the wind and rains lashing down on the cabin roof.

This then is similar - just close your eyes and IMAGINE !

Alphabetical details of me :-

A - Age: 66 years

B - Bed size: King & Queen size

C - Chore you hate: ALL OF THEM

D - Dog's name: TOBY C

E - Essential to start your day : SILENCE !

F - Favourite colour : Purple

G - Gold or Silver: Silver

H - Height: 5' -11

I - Instruments you play: The Comb

J - Job title: Handyman, Chauffeur & Lover

K - Kissing : All Types & Styles

L - Living arrangements: A bijou rural palace place,

M - Married : Twice

N - Nicknames: Pup, Old Coot & Stagbunny,

O - Optimist or Pessimist : OPTIMIST

P - Pet Peeve: Conniving Politicians and so called Experts!

Q - Quotation (Motto) : SERVICE ABOVE SELF

R - Religion : PAGAN

S - Smoking: Pipe & Cigars

T - Tea : Roiboos, Green, Cammomile / Lemon with Ginger.

U- Underwear: Yes

V - Vegetarian: Yes plus Fish

W - Walking : 3.4 km before breakfast most mornings

X - Xmas : No, I'm a Pagan!

Y - Yoga: No, PILATES ! (not that I do any)

Z - ZOO : No, I would rather see them in a Game Park

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