Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Poverty & Children

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This is what the Irish government coalition of Fine Gael & Labour have produced during their years of office, through the bad management of resources and are still causing in throughout the twenty-six counties, where many children go to school hungry!
A new report shows that children in families which have experienced poverty in the recession have suffered greater behavioural problems. 
The six-year ESRI "Growing Up In Ireland" study of 20,000 children found a risk of "strongly negative" consequences for children's emotional development if families were vulnerable for "longer periods of time".
The report will be launched by the Children's Minister James Reilly this morning, and it suggests a broader range of supports are needed to help vulnerable families.
Dr Dorothy Watson said that while parents may try to protect their children from the financial reality, it still has an impact.
"We found this for the three-year-olds … as well as for the older children," she said.
"Even though children might not have a very good understanding of what's happening in the family, at some level they pick up on these differences, and it affects their socio-emotional wellbeing."
Speaking ahead of the launch, Minister Reilly said the government has committed to tackling economic hardship through its Better Outcomes - Brighter Futures policy framework.

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