Saturday, 22 November 2014

Attempt to cling to power

       Mary Lou McDonald TD & Gerry Adams TD

Gerry Adams: Government's water charge u-turn 'a desperate attempt of Fine Gael and Labour to cling to power'

Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 01:18 PM

Sinn Féin is calling for a mass mobilisation of people to protest against water charges in Dublin next month.

The Right2Water campaign, which is organising the demonstration, says it expects an historic turn-out for its rally at the Dáil on December 10.

Around 100,000 people took part in their last protest.

Organisers of next months demonstration say the protest to abolish water charges will go ahead despite the Government’s new package plan announced earlier this week.

The Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams is calling on people to send a strong message to the government.

“As with every other issue, Fine Gael and Labour have failed to listen to citizens on the water charges,” he said.

“The Government's latest policy is all about giving themselves a lifeline to run their full term. It's not about easing the pressure on those who cannot pay water charges.

“What we got on Wednesday was a PR offensive - a desperate attempt by Fine Gael and Labour to cling to power for the next year.

“Water charges have not been scrapped, the water metering programme will continue, metered charges are coming in, they will only go up, and there is still no constitutional right to water.

“This cynical Government manoeuvre will not work. The people are not stupid. It fails to address the demands of the hundreds of thousands of citizens who have taken to the streets on this issue.

“Sinn Féin is a central part of the Right2Water campaign and I am calling for the maximum possible turnout in protest against Water Charges on December 10 to deliver a strong message that Water Charges must be scrapped.

©IRISH EXAMINER 22-11-2014

Campaigner for the homeless, Fr Peter McVerry, said rent controls are necessary to ensure that the market retains an element of affordability.
New figures show the number of people sleeping rough on the streets of Dublin has trebled in the last five years. 
Fr McVerry challenged the Government to outline just what it is going to do to tackle rising homelessness as we approach the coldest months of the year.
"A lot of people who are becoming homeless today and there are six new people becoming homeless every day, a lot of them are getting kicked out of their private rental accommodation because their rents are going up and they can't afford the increase," he said.
"if the Government are not going to introduce rent controls and if they're not going to increase the rent allowance to allow people to pay the increased rents, then what on Earth are they going to do?"


  1. I really hope that people power wins this struggle x

    1. Thank you Fran. There are lot of determined people to make sure their point of view is heard.

  2. Completely in agreement with Gerry.

  3. Like Fran, I hope the people win this one, Mel. What an iniquity!!

    1. Thank you Val 'iniquity' is the correct word.
      The coalition government is nothing more than a private club of fat rats feeding off the people that they should be protecting. This year there has been an increase of 21% of people sleeping rough in Dublin, while thousands have had their homes sold out from under them and made homeless to spend their lives living in temporary accommodation. I could go on and on... children going to school hungry, hospitals, medical services run into the ground... Whilst the parasitic government finds wealthy positions for their friends in quangos and then wants to see their pockets filled with bonuses; the media by and large has no conscience and is unable to write the truth.
      If I say that the enemy is within it is not an exaggeration!

  4. Eileen L said:
    I am unable to post to your blog but here is my hapence worth.

    While I agree with all you said, I feel that FS jumped on the band wagon. Before the big nationwide march Gerry, Mary Lou ect said they were paying the water charges.

    Is that not a U turn?

    Whilst Gerry Adams was in Dundalk on the day, he did not march with us, he stood on the footpath.

    I have no problem with SF, but I am fed up to the teeth with all of the politicians.
    This is a peoples movement.

    Regards, Eileen.

    1. Thank you very much for your views on the subject Eileen and it looks very much like a U-turn doesn't it.


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