Thursday, 21 November 2013

Funeral of Olivia Melian Robertson - co founder F.O.I.

Oliva Melian Robertson

13th April 1917 - 14th November 2013

St Fiaacs Church

C of I


Co. Wexford

Olivia's coffin carried from Huntington Castle by six female relatives

The mourners follow the hearse on foot

Led by a Piper the funeral procession walks through Clonegal

In the blue robe is the hierophant priest Paudrig O'Rahilly and to his far left
in the grey robe high priestess Patricia Griffin who are now the elders.

The Vicar of St. Fiaac's Church The Reverend Michael Stevenson at the top of the steps.

Post funeral gathering in Osbornes for songs and refreshments.
From the left on the bodhran is Lydia Lyte, standing is Marian Smiles, with the guitar
is Julie Felix and singing with arm outstretched is Chello.

All coloured photographs are the copyright of Se├ín Gilmartin © 2013


  1. A lovely post. Obviously a very well like woman. The last picture of the girl singing really seems to capture the feeling of a celebration of a life well lived rather than a day of mourning. However, I must show my ignorance by asking you if you could tell me what the F.O.I. was that she was a co founding member of.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Tony. F.O.I. is the abbreviation of Fellowship of Isis and if you go the previous post you will find links there to that organisation.

    2. Thank you Mel,
      My education continues.

  2. Hi Mel, Thanks for posting these pictures. Very memorable day for such a great lady. Margaret x

  3. Thanks for Posting these picures Mel. A very memorable day for such a great Lady. Margaret x

    1. A sad yet great day and one Olivia herself would have enjoyed - especially in the corner seat at Osbournes with a port and brandy in her hand! She will be missed.

    2. Thank you Jane. Your absolutely correct with all that you have said. I think people of Olivia's standing are extremely rare and another century may pass before someone will ever equal her.
      Many may make the attempt and only a rare one will ever succeed!

  4. Your photo of her a the head of the post is very moving, Mel. She exudes beauty, I'm glad her sending was celebrated with music and love.

  5. Thank you Val. It came from the Order of Service and I took a macro shot to get more detail for the blog. I was told on the day that it was taken when Olivia was in her thirties, some sixty years ago. You are right about her beauty, I believe in her eyes a certain determination can be seen .......

  6. Oh I agree with Val Poore and you are right, Mel, her eyes do have a certain determination. Beautiful ceremony.


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