Monday, 2 December 2013

One of My Pleasures!

We took ourselves off to Dublin the other day. For Mrs H it was a chance to window shop ( yes, I have her trained!) Actually she was accompanying me to the famous pipe manufacturer's Peterson's of Dublin, whose retail outlet is in Nassau Street at the bottom of Grafton Street. We had fun getting there for I insisted on staying on the bus a lot longer than what we should have. No matter the walk was good for us and by way of recompense. I out of the goodness of my heart pointed out the Dail (The Irish parliament building) to her.

Peterson's have a fine array of pipes on display however, many of them were well beyond price range and in any case their seconds accommodate my wallet far better and give a good service.

The last time that I visited them was about five years ago and the shop assistant recommended to me pipe which he felt that I would appreciate. He was absolutely correct!
For here we were, for me to buy pipe another of similar design.

The new pipe with the trade name of Killarney.
It is a gem to hold as well as to smoke plus it
has the unique characteristic of sitting down.

My previous pipe which sits well in the hand,
as well as sitting nicely on the desk without
spilling any ash.

The stem of each of the above pipes can be used
with a replaceable filter - I change the filter every two days.

A Driskule
This little fellow is a conical wired cage that
sits in the bottom of the pipe bowl and prevents wastage
of tobacco as well as keeping the bottom dry.

My favourite tobacco of which I smoke
about 50 grammes a week.

For many years now the bent pipe
has been my favourite.

I purchased this old timer in Germany
in 1958 and only very rarely do I use it.

'The Meerschum'

This takes pride of place in my tobacco cabinet.
The head is that of a bear.


  1. Much as I hate smoking, I must say that these are works of art. And any excuse to spend a day in Dublin - it is a while since I went but it is but a short journey to fly from Leeds Bradford, my nearest airport. My mobility makes it a pipe dream now! sorry for the pun.

    1. I appreciate all of your comments Weaver. I have met many people who don't like smoking, amongst them quite a few who like the smell of pipe smoke as it revives childhood memories.
      One of the things to remember is that very few pipe smokers actually inhale.

  2. A well crafted pipe is a thing of great beauty. Talking of reviving childhood memories, my father used to smoke a pipe, but I am sadly allergic to the smoke and pipes are the only things that give me asthma attacks. Sad, because I love the smell of a good tobacco.

    1. Thank you for your comment Val. Life is very strange sometimes isn't it, like you loving the smell of good tobacco but not enjoying it's effects.

  3. Jack Tisdell said:
    I am 32 years off the cigarettes this month. However, I still rarely find myself willingly inhaling pipe smoke if the aroma is attractive to me. It reminds me of an age when my grand uncle who I adored sent me occasionally to town for two ounces of murray's plug or warrior? .
    Jack Tisdell

    1. Jack ! You are a bad man you ought not to be actively inhaling pipe smoke. It is one thing to appreciate the aroma and quite another to do as you are doing.

  4. Love the smell of pipe tobacco smoke especially Moltan which is almost like perfume.
    My Grandad smoked a pipe and I can still see him in my mind's eye sitting smoking
    and listening to the radio by the open fire with his eyes closed.

    1. Am very happy to bring back to you such good memories :)

  5. I enjoyed the little memory nudge. My husband used to work near Nassau street and I spent many happy hours wandering round Dublin, I knew it better than my own capital. My favourite destination was however, the Botanical gardens.

    1. Hello Kath ! Very good to hear from you, it is an interesting area with lots to see whether it be rain or shine. I enjoy sitting on a bench near the duck pond in St Stephen's Green and watching the world go by; whilst for Mrs H it is the shops and the National Museum.

  6. My grandfather, my father, my uncle all smoked pipes. I only remember my grandfather's pipe, a straight stem he held between his teeth. I remember a tobacco called cherry blend, although I'm sure many more varieties went in those pipes. Thanks for stirring up our pasts.

    1. Very good to hear from you Joanne and I hope that your memories are happy ones. Thankfully there are still quite a lot of pipe smokers still puffing away :)

  7. Dis Mrs H not buy a thing?...I would have been beside myself at a shopping trip in Dublin. Many childhood holidays spent there with my family, with the malty smell from the Guinness Factory and wonderful shops like Pennys and Clearys which always amazed me as a child. Anyway back to your pipe collection...its a lovely treat when you buy something that really is a pleasure to have, rather than a necessity. The Meerschum looks beautifully crafted.

    1. Hello Suzie nice to hear from you!

      As to your question - No she did not ! :)
      Her new winter outfit was all purchased in Birr, Co Offaly where prices are more reasonable.


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