Monday, 20 May 2013

A Saturday Jaunt

On Saturday we took ourselves off for a jaunt down the country to visit friends who live on the Ring peninsula in Co. Waterford. On the map above there is a red line drawn as the crow flies to indicate the start and stop, it does not show the twisty route we took. Or the confusion that faced us in one large town where we saw a road sign pointing us in the wrong direction which put several extra miles on our journey and left the driver exasperated!

Ring Peninsula - looking in an easterly direction

Dungarvan Harbour - & the sandbank

Dungarvan Harbour - the mussel farm 
and the Monavullagh Mountains

Looking north west from Ring 
to the Knockmealdown Mountains

Mrs H the Happy Navigator

Before making the journey I checked the weather forecast which said 'heavy rain moving southerly will effect all regions and may bring localised flooding'. When we left home it was slightly overcast and after twenty miles the sun came out and I turned off the heater. At our friends home we all sat in the garden enjoying the glorious sunshine eating and drinking with coffee for the driver!
The return journey was virtually as pleasant as the trip down though we did run into some fine rain for awhile but nothing like what was forecast and most certainly we never saw any puddles or signs of heavy rain. Which just proves that you cannot believe all that you read. Our total mileage for the round trip was 233 miles through stunning scenery and sunshine.


  1. That scenery is stunning, definitely worth the journey. We have had grey overcast weather for days :(

    1. Thank you Fran and it's only fifty or sixty minutes by air from you !
      Am so glad not to have trusted the weather forecasters.

  2. Sounds like here - we have had heavy rain forecast for days and all we have had is lovely sunshine..

  3. It is so beautiful there, Mel. I would love to come again one of these days. Ireland is a gem of a country. Your photos definitely do it justice.


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