Thursday, 23 May 2013

Exhibition photo's

  1. The Artist: Jane Brideson with her friends

2.                                     Three likely lads !

3.                                 An honoured guest & self

All photo's by courtesy and copyright of The Tullamore Tribune


  1. I hope it has all gone exceptionally well, Mel! Lovely photos from the Tribune! Was the review good?

  2. Thank you Val, the tribune doesn't seem to do reviews- it's only a small paper.

    1. What a shame. I suppose images help a lot too. Since most people don't seem to read much these days, maybe this will do Jane more good. She is so talented!

    2. Mel, I've just noticed that my blog on your list is very out of date. It shows the last post as being two months ago. My latest post was a few days ago and I've been posting every week this year. It's so odd that Blogger hasn't updated your list, but I've noticed this with a couple of other people too.

    3. Val,
      It just goes to prove that anything in the control of people can go wrong and perhaps it also proves that machines are not yet in control :)

    4. Well, that's a great relief! And I mean it sincerely :)


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