Friday, 21 December 2012

No cards or presents sent

This year Mrs H and I decided not to buy any greetings cards or gifts, instead we have made a donation to our favourite charity.

The Society of St Vincent de Paul who do so much good work for those whose need is greater than ours.

Our personal message to you all :-

To those of you who celebrate Christmas 

and to those of you who don't 

we send you 

Peace and Happiness !


  1. We also don't do cards, I donate the money to the RNLI. Wishing you and Mrs H a very Happy Christmas too xxx

  2. Thank you Heron & Mrs H. Peace and happiness to both of you too.

  3. If I don't get back before Christmas Mel, I would like to wish you and your family, a very happy holiday, with good health and much happiness for 2013.

  4. What a special meaning that has for me, Mel. The members of the St Vincent de Paul society were very very good to me many years ago when I was in need myself. Wonderful, caring, nurturing people. I would like to do the same as you. Thank you for giving me the tip and the opportunity to give something back to them.

  5. I'm afraid I only do email and blog cards these days, and the saved money goes to the grandchildren. We have a St Vincent shop in a nearby town; we've tried to both give, and buy, but it's always bloody closed. Must try harder (me, that is). Happy Year's ending. Cro x


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