Friday, 18 November 2011

A Visit to Faery

I am starting off with an apology to those of you who are very sensible and aware that the subject I will shortly write about is a sign of insanity on my part, except that it is not and was conducted to explore possible life in other realms.

Some years ago I used to spend a lot of time doing trance channeling. This came about by using certain cerebral skills that I learnt from the practice of transcendental meditation, something which I still practise for a few minutes twice a day.

Channeling brought in a considerable amount of information on variety of topics that I could not have learned from any other source.

The immediate area where we live is well known locally as being Red Cap Country (The Folk/Faery) with numerous faery paths criss-crossing the fields. The Folk have been seen playing hurling along their own roads and tales abound about who has seen them and who has not.

So it seemed to me that here was a subject that needed to be investigated.

Communication with Faery took a little while to establish, even though I had been involved with some healing work for a Welsh druid friend that bordered on that area some years previously. This time I had the assistance of a colleague who would switch on and off the tape recorder whilst I was in trance and would ask a set of questions which we had agreed on earlier.

The information gained was that The Folk stand between homo sapiens and creation, in fact they belong to Nature much more so than we do. Similarly, at the opposite end of the spectrum Angels, for those members of the major religions, stand between their God & homo sapiens. Just as people don't often see angels, the Folk are likewise hidden from our general sight living as they do on a plane of existence that borders our own and only rarely merges.

The Folk have a mentality which can best be described as 'playful' when in contact with us, however within their own domains the business of life and it's politics is just as serious as ours. During the channeling sessions the Folk would make use of puns in a light hearted manner; one of which was to describe another member of the Folk as being Terry Ibble - terrible!

On occasions, for reasons best known to themselves, they have been known to cross the division between the two planes of existence and live with a human. There is a story in my locality of a Faery woman who while her husband was assisting his neighbours to cut corn, ran across the field and jumped into a lake. Voices were heard rising out of the lake welcoming her back saying

" Hooray and Welcome home, Meela Moor as long as you didn't tell the verge about the egg water"

The complete meaning of this sentence is lost to us apart from the phonetic 'Moor' which may be the Gaelic mór meaning 'big' and 'Meela' or míle in Gaelic, meaning 'thousand'. Perhaps they were saying 'A thousand big welcomes'.

What we don't know is the language The Folk themselves use. Unfortunately the story was not told to me until long after I had stopped channeling and this is something that I am now loathe to resume practicing.


  1. Heron - I love reading faery stories and folk lore too. I've never told any one this but when I was about five, I used to have long hair - plaits and ribbons were the order of the day then. I was having my hair brushed this one day and in my childish imagination I saw a little line of fairies dancing on my hair brush - I really did (or really thought I did) It so delighted me - I've never forgotten it.

  2. How very wonderful and very interesting Heron. There's no doubt in my mind that the faery folk exist.

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  3. Ygraine Barrow wrote: Mel, how I loved this post!
    I have been aware of The Folk for as long as I can remember - and I think I've even glimpsed them a couple of times!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience, it makes me feel much less 'odd'.

  4. Fascinating stuff. I'm certain there is much in this world, and out of it that is beyond our understanding.

  5. I like the explanation of the different plane, such as where angels exist. I absolutely believe it. What amazing experiences you've had!

  6. Thanks for sharing you experience, I see these kind of processes as a way of contacting the deeper parts of ourselves - often they have more wisdom and a widely different viewpoint from our'conscious' mind. Shamanic techniques like journeying are heading in the same direction (as I see it)

  7. You are not alone in having a fascination for other realms, here in Glastonbury, there is a big faery culture.

  8. Very enjoyable read, Mel.
    Really enjoyed your tour of Red Cap Country. This realm sounds as "playful" as the one we share with the "Peerie Fokk" (Trows, Shetland version of Trolls). And, oh, angels are everywhere :-)

  9. Heron, I find your writing fascinating and as you know, faery folk are very dear to my heart!
    The Red Caps are interesting creatures. I enjoyed hearing about your inner journey to the fae realm.
    I could talk to you for hours about this subject!

    P.S. I do believe that a lot of creative people and humans who work close to nature are related to fae folk. Some people naturally have the faery look and ways. ;-)

  10. Now I'm interested. I am currently writing a thesis about this very subject in a specific location in the Australian landscape. I guess the general themes - figures/angels/faeries of Nature are the same. I am interested in how you use the transcendental meditation - because I am an artist I am using Jung's 'active imagination' and images in a similar way to try and speak to the 'spirits' in the Australian landscape, albeit in an abstract way which is how these entities seem to communicate. My own culture is generally wary of anyone speaking to spirits however my Aboriginal students and friends have no problem with it.

    I am also intested to know why you no longer use the method if that is not too personal a question.

  11. Dear MF,

    The practise of Trans Medit’n involves training the brain to control the ever wondering mind and body to be still that in a nutshell is the art of concentration.
    The ’stillness’ is to change the brain waves from beta to somewhere between theta to delta, tho just theta will do nicely as a trance state.

    I think that Faeries are at one end of the spectrum and Angels are at the other.

    You haven’t asked me about realms, that is the various realms that inhabit this planet and to your unanswered question.
    I think that just as time is layered as Past, Present & Future and is not linear; then so to are other realms of existence on this planet. Meaning this: That as humans we are aware and conscious of our own realm however, for those of us who are aware of Fairies then that is another realm, angels yet another and there is I think another one too.

    My reason for no longer channeling is that at the tender age of 68 & nearly 69, I have so much more to do and channeling uses time which I think can be better used for other projects :)

  12. Fair enough re tender age. Thanks for answering my queries.TM sounds a bit like some of the meditations I have done and maybe there are some links there with the active imagining I mentioned also.

    I also agree with your version of time, I have spontaneously gone into another time several times in my life. As for realms, I agree also, though we may call them diffferent things. Currently I am delving into Jung's 'psychoid archetypes' which are made up of both matter and psychic energy, from what I understand (and have some experience of).

    The local Menang (Australian Aboriginal) people I know talk quite openly about a 'mummerie man'. When I query them about it they say he is a small mischievous person, and that they have tried to catch him. They say he is what I would call a 'shape shifter' - that they have seen him turn from one thing into another. It's no wonder I love working with these people :)

  13. I love reading your blog, Heron, because it brings me a better understanding of things so far removed from my North American culture, although our First Nations were much closer to nature and likely had similar experiences. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. Lovely, they visit and that's all that shall be said! Life is multi-dimensional just takes a certain type of turning to click on to the different facets.

  15. Journey are many in this lifetime and who knows what is down the other road or around that far corner... Thank you for sharing..

  16. I am truly very grateful for all of your comments on this subject, which I was rather reluctant at first to post however, I have been encouraged and shall continue with on my next posting. Once again Thank You.

  17. Takes courage to post this sort of thing but there are plenty of other people who think in similar ways. Thanks - it makes the rest of think we might not be completely mad either!.

  18. Oh Mel I do love this. I know that Faerie are around me but alas I have never seen one. I would love to. Perhaps i need a bit more patience or a bit more time just to sit quiet and be in their presence. i connect with all you say. wonderful

  19. Ireland is Faerie. Everyone knows that.